Kim Bong Carpentry Village Hoi An – 100-year heritage

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Kim Bong Carpentry Village is one of the traditional handicraft villages of Hoi An. There are many art products with high cultural value. And there are both domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

of the Kim Bong Carpentry VillageCraftsmen animate the wood to create delicate and precious products. Visiting the Carpentry Village all day allows visitors to learn more about this unique traditional craft village. and participate directly in an engaging and engaging experience.

1. Where is Kim Bong carpentry village and how to get there?

Kim Bong Carpentry Village (also known as Kim Bong Chau) is a traditional handicraft village. Hoi AnComing here You can choose different means of transportation such as bicycle, motorbike or boat (ferry), very new and interesting.

  • For those arriving by bicycle/motorcycle: Crossing Kam Kim Bridge over the Tub River It is about 3 km from Chang Gimbon Village.
  • Traveling by boat/boat: From the Old Town wharf, go south (the riverside section of Bach Dang street) take the ferry along the Hoi An – Cam Kim route, go a little further and you will see the gate of Kim Bong carpentry village in front. your.

Woodworking Village-Kinpo

  • address: Cam Kim Commune, Chun Ha rural road, Hoi An city, Quang Nam province
  • Business hours: all day from monday to sunday
  • Entrance ticket price: free

2. What’s interesting about Kim Bong carpentry village?

2.1 Learn about the 600-year history and tradition of Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Kim Bong carpentry village started focusing on carpentry in the 16th century and developed strongly through many stages. Following the booming trade rhythm of the port city of Hoi An during this time, Hoi An had extensive exchanges with foreign countries, “absorbing” many different styles of woodworking. and create the characteristics of Kim Bon carpentry in Hoi An.

By the 18th century, the village had formed three separate professional clans. Construction carpenters, shipbuilders, civil engineers, mascots, painters and sculptors also helped spread the name of the village throughout the region.

Kinpo Woodworking Village

Although the golden age is over, the craftsmen of Jin Feng Carpentry Village still love their craft. adhere to the traditional lifestyle, join hands to contribute to embellishing and preserving the relics of the ancient city of Hoi An and building ancient architectural works, building three-room ancient houses. start accepting tourists

To explore the village Visitors can rent bicycles to walk around the village, observe the working life of the people. and visit a local church Especially, you can see and experience bamboo weaving, mat weaving and cake making.

Woodworking Village-Kinpo

2.2 Observe the carpenter’s process of making wood products.

The first thing that catches your eye when entering the village is the chisel, crackling and collision sound characteristic of carpentry. This is a familiar sound and an important part of people’s lives here.

Woodworking Village-Kinpo

Visiting Kim Bong carpentry village is also an opportunity for visitors to have a more authentic and clear view of carpentry. What impressed me the most was to witness firsthand the production process of wood products, besides, to complete the product also requires many complicated stages. Some people build bodies Some people carve souls This is to ensure that each finished product is more than just useful. but also delicate, beautiful and culturally valuable.

Woodworking Village-Kinpo

The main products here are dragon-lan-gui-pung, dancing peacocks, saints and even household items such as tables and chairs, altars, communal houses, apartments, churches, interior and exterior decorations and “all kinds of things” “regarding furniture.

2.3.Enjoy the unique beauty of wooden products at Kim Bong Carpentry Village

After freely observing the woodworking process of the carpenters You can admire the beauty of the finished product. A closer look will see the motifs and patterns carved on each product reflecting the general culture of Hoi An people.

These can be mentioned as: images of water buffalo, farmers, boats, bamboo trees, Cau pagoda… All carved rustic, simple and close. This not only makes the products of Mokkimbong Village unique, but also It makes visitors excited and excited.

Woodworking Village-Kinpo

In addition, wooden products Kim Bong Carpentry Village It also uses very durable materials with a unique glossy brown color to create angled wood panels in a variety of colors, sometimes creating a luxurious feel and sometimes very simple. The artisans’ crafting techniques of stamping, carving, and punching have created a charming, natural world of wooden furniture.

Woodworking Village-Kinpo

2.4.Buy gifts from the carpentry village for relatives

Gimbong Village belongs to a traditional craft village that has existed for hundreds of years. Not only that, it makes the most sense to witness people’s creative process firsthand. But it also includes buying souvenirs and taking them home as gifts.

In the past, the main occupation of the village was boat building and house building. Currently focusing on art production. Bas-reliefs, wooden poems, decorative statues and objects of worship, keeping memories of the trip Hoi An trip mine.

Woodworking Village-Kinpo

>>> In addition to the handicrafts of Kim Bong Carpentry Village, here is a list of Hoi An’s famous dishes that everyone wants to try!

2.5.Enjoy Hoi An specialties at Kim Bong Carpentry Village

Kim Bong carpentry village is not far from the old town and is located on the banks of the Thu Bon River, so visitors can visit the village first and then move to the center of the old town to enjoy the cuisine … Hoi An has a lot of food. Interesting product like Kao Lao, chicken rice, shumai, fried mussels and other snacks Countless other things are made for everyone. Hoi An A charming and unique cooking space.

Carpenter Kim Bong village

3. Suggested attractions around the beautiful Kinfeng Carpentry Village

After a meaningful and interesting time at the handicraft village If you want to visit nearby places such as Hoi An Ancient Town Thanh Ha Pottery Village (5km away), Triem Tay Garden House Ecotourism Area (3km away) , Huynh Ri ancient house (1km away)… This place is not too far away and convenient for tourists to go back and forth on the same road. day.

Woodworking Village-Kinpo

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4. Experience Kim Bong carpentry village

  • This is the anniversary of the death of Kinpu Carpenter Village every year on the 6th day of the lunar new year. So if you come at this time You will have more opportunities to experience and explore.
  • There are bicycles for rent in the village. So, if you don’t want to walk You can rent a car and explore the village to see the sights and enjoy the local rustic food.
  • The handicraft village is quite large, so be careful when preparing. comfortable clothesWear comfortable walking shoes, an umbrella, and sunscreen to protect your skin.

Woodworking Village-Kimpo

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Pearl club membership card

Nice to visit Kimbong Woodworking Village Make your Hoi An discovery journey rich and memorable.

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