Korean gamers flock to motels to play games

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In Korea, more and more young gamers are going to motels equipped with computers to play games.

Korean gamers tend to go to gaming motels

Because of lax management, “gaming inns” have become the first choice of young Koreans.
Korean teenagers enter a motel to play games. The “gaming motel” model, also known as “PC-tels”, is a combination of motels and PC bangs (game shops). Young people in need can easily find these facilities through websites and mobile apps like Yanolja or Good Choice.
Korean gamers crave gaming lodgesVietnam doesn’t have a “gaming motel” model like Korea. After assigning a location to a search engine, players can select a motel using a computer running games like Battlegrounds or League of Legends.
Korean gamers crave gaming lodgesThe “gaming motel” model promises to attract many young people. Under Korean law, residential units are not required to be equipped with computers. However, the “Gaming Lodge” service makes it easier for underage players to participate in R-rated games (Restricted/Restricted Movies).
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