LAMINA1 blockchain is coming soon

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The Father of the Metaverse (Virtual Multiverse) – Mr. Neal Stephenson is hatching his own project, the LAMINA1 blockchain.

LAMINA1 blockchain is coming soon

In the science fiction novel Snow Cash, Mr. Neal Stephenson first introduced the public to the definition of the metaverse. Mr. Neal is also incubating his own blockchain project LAMINA 1 in collaboration with Peter Vessenes – former President of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Last June 8, on page Middle, Mr. Peter Vessenes officially announced this project. He said the LAMINA1 blockchain project will serve as a “platform for the Open Metaverse,” a place where creators in both art and technology are prioritized, and a community that can support those in need. . Accordingly, Neal Stephenson’s role in this LANINA1 blockchain project is to bring core experiences and goals to the project such as ,…
Writer Neal Stephenson
It is known that Mr. Joseph Lubin – co-founder of Ethereum is one of the first investors in this project, although there is not much specific information.
Mr. Joseph Lubin
Let’s wait for the next information about the next LAMINA1 blockchain project on Innnewyorkcity!

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