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In the past few years, Sen Village tourism has become the choice of many people. Especially young people who love to travel and explore.

Today, Lang Son has become one of the most profitable destinations in terms of tourism. attract more and more people visit Sen VillageBecause this place has not only famous landmarks related to history, beautiful natural scenery but also people and delicious food, in the article below you will find all the information you need to visit this place. Your ride goes smoothly.

1. The best time to travel to Lang Son

Lang Son tourism can seem interesting at different times of the year, so it’s important to choose the time of year that best suits your travel goals and yourself. If you want to go to Lang Son to relax and rest, you can come in the summer. If you want to explore and experience it. You can come in winter and watch the snow fall.

Another good time to visit Lang Son is January. This place regularly organizes festivals such as Ky Lua Firework Festival, Tam Thanh Pagoda Festival.

2. What means of transport should go to the Lang Than?

Lang Son is 180 km northeast of Hanoi, transportation is very convenient. So there are 3 ways to get to Lang Son:

  • By bus: You can go to My Dinh or Gia Lam bus station to catch a bus to Lang Son, the price ranges from 100,000 – 170,000 VND / person.
  • On the train: This is one of the roads you can visit at the same time, the Lang Son – Dong Dang route usually departs at 06:00 or 09:45 and costs from 80,000 to 115,000 VND/person.
  • In a personal way: If you have your own car, you can choose this form to take the initiative in time and control the journey. go to Lang Son Take the route Hanoi-Bac Ninh-Bac Giang-Lang Son. or along National Highway 5, National Highway 1A

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3. Where to stay when traveling to Lang Son?

The most popular types of accommodation in Lang Son are usually hotels with many prices to suit all purposes and needs of customers. There is also another form of accommodation – homestay or homestay – for backpackers and ‘dusty’ travelers.

Those who come to rest and change the atmosphere at Sen Village can choose luxury hotels such as: Vinpearl Hotel Lang Son Experience top-notch resort-class service.


Vinpearl Hotel Lang Son is located in the heart of the city, 21 floors high from here with sweeping views of the city and the meandering Khi Trung river, bringing a new look to the whole city.


The hotel is designed in neoclassical style with white accents. Not only the exterior, but the wallpaper in each room, bed, cabinet, table and chair, etc. are meticulously cared to create harmony and elegance.



Staying at Vinpearl Hotel Lang Son, guests can experience the indoor four-season swimming pool with a private area and enjoy the feeling of absolute relaxation with treatments branded Vincharm Spa.

4. Must-visit spots when traveling to Lang Son

Lang Son is not only a city famous for its markets. but also attract tourists with beautiful natural scenery. Here are some famous places you should not miss when traveling to Lang Son.

  • Temple – Tam Thanh Cave: This is one of the attractive destinations of Lang Son that everyone wants to visit at least once. This site has a lot of cultural value. This is especially true when preserving precious relics, such as the relief of Amitabha Buddha from the Lermac dynasty.


  • To Mount Ti: You must have heard of To Thi.


  • Ai Unicorn: This is a famous tourist attraction in Lang Son, recording many traces of historical sites. Today, with its grandeur and colossal scale, Ai Chi Lang is a must-see attraction in Lang Son.


  • Mac’s Fort Royal: The Mac Dynasty citadel is a military architectural monument reflecting the Vietnamese feudal era. The area is now heavily damaged. Only the foundation of the rampart remained. where you can admire the majestic and picturesque Lang Son landscape from above.


  • Chinh Chung Pagoda: Known for its unique architecture and as one of Lang Son’s famous spiritual destinations, Ky Cung Temple worships Giao Long, the god who rules over the year-round favorable weather.


  • Hughi International Border Gate: This is one of the important border gates on the Vietnam – China border. Not just the confluence of the Nanning and Hanoi highways. It is also an important bridge for the economic development of both countries.


  • Lang Son Market: Lang Son tourism It would be a pity not to experience the famous shopping markets, in Lang Son you can visit the famous big markets such as Ke Lua night market, Dong Kin market, Tan Tan market.

Picture in Bikip Du Rich Lang Son Dia Diem Anh Choi So-12

5. What to eat in Lang Son

  • Sour noodle soup: If you are in Lang Son Try Pho’s Sour Noodles. Comes with deep fried sweet potato, pork liver, shredded chicken, fried onion, roasted peanuts, cucumber, sausage and more, duck fat and seasoning seasoning before grilling.


  • Tamagoyaki: The breakfast menu is very popular. The outstanding feature of this dish is the filling of meat, wood ear and chicken eggs.

Pick-keep-du-lich-lang-son-dia-diem-an-choi-so-14Picture in Bikip Du Rich Lang Son Dia Diem An Choi So-15

  • Pancakes: The crust is made from glutinous rice and white rice, and is toasted like a donut.
  • Hu Long fried spring rolls: Naem is made by fermenting raw meat for 2-3 days and grilling over charcoal until the banana leaves are charred. Naem is served with clove leaves and sweet and sour fish sauce to create a unique flavor only in Lanson.

6. What will you buy as a souvenir when you visit Sen Village?

Lang Son is not only diverse in local cuisine. But there are also many special foods that can be taken home as souvenirs.

  • maw son wine: A special product distilled manually in the traditional way of the Dao people living on the top of Moshen mountain. Forest leaf enamel is made from more than 30 herbs, so it is especially rare and can be brought back as a gift for grandparents and parents.
  • Buckson tangerines: This fruit is known for its colorful, succulent color, few seeds, and a slightly sweet and sour taste. There are two types of tangerines here, round tangerines and flat tangerines.
  • Uranus Song: After arriving at Lotus Village, the must-have thing is Moshen Peach, pale color, soft skin and natural peach scent.

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