Le Bong was “denounced” by the flight attendant while he was busy following the trend

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Excited to follow the recent trend, Le Bong was “snubbed” by the flight attendant for the action.

Le Bong was sexually assaulted by a flight attendant while flirting

Not only has she been criticized for her clothing and photography, but recently, Le Bong has also been heavily criticized by flight attendants.

She is a famous Tiktoker with hot, sexy and attractive covers on her channel. But the clothing style of female TikTokers is somewhat offensive, which is why it is often criticized. Recently, Le Bong drew further criticism when a flight attendant complained that she had instructed netizens to follow the trend: clip the phone to the plane window.
Le Bong was
On her personal page, the flight attendant warned: “According to regulations, all window covers must be opened during takeoff and landing to allow guests to observe if there are any problems that usually occur outside such as the upper aircraft wing. Fire and face the direction of travel if you need to flee. In addition, all transceivers must be in airplane mode and stowed during takeoff and landing when operation interferes with communications between pilots and air traffic control. Flight attendants can’t flip each guest’s phone to check if it’s in airplane mode.”
Le Bong was
In addition, the flight attendant further emphasized: “Leaving the phone in video recording mode and closing the window when the aircraft is about to take off/landing is a violation of the regulations and can lead to an administrative offense record.” Fine (VND 3 million) for threatening flight safety and being asked to get off the plane.” And don’t forget the following warning: “I urge parents with young children to discipline their children and block this TikToker if possible, so their children don’t learn the bad habits they think they have.” I don’t know if I can make every trip, but I’ll give you a copy of each trip, I won’t mention it.
Le Bong was
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