League of Legends: CES “unleashed” by SEA Games 31, focus on VCS Spring 2022

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League of Legends: Fans weren’t able to compete in the first round of SEA Games 31, hoping that the main team would return, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

League of Legends: CES is not focusing on SEA Games 31, making way for VCS Spring 2021

The selection round for the team to participate in the 31st SEA Games in League of Legends will take place with a high probability of choosing the best team in the first leg of the participating VCS group. In the first round, CES played unsuccessfully when the win-loss ratio was 9-5. 4th place in the ranking. At the end of the first week of the VCS competition, the second round of qualifiers begins, immediately after which it was announced on the CES homepage that the CES B-Team will continue to compete.
League of Legends News: CES
Thus, it can be seen that CES is not concentrating its forces on SEA Games 31 to make room for VCS. With ambitions to win the VCS Spring 2022, CES will bring back EGO after the drama, especially after losing to GAM Esports.
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