League of Legends: DRX is recruiting Vietnamese talent

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League of Legends: DRX announces the launch of the LoL Talent Selection Program in Vietnam.

League of Legends: Many Vietnamese players will compete in the LCK

According to the latest information, DRX and HyperX are organizing the “Dream in DRX” program to recruit young and talented League of Legends players from Vietnam. The goal of DRX is to expand the market and bring the team’s image closer to the Vietnamese audience while searching for new factors to train and coach in the near future. This is seen as a great opportunity for Vietnamese LoL players to fulfill their dream of playing internationally. However, it is not easy to meet the criteria and go abroad, especially to the top division LCK.
League of Legends: DRX is recruiting Vietnamese talent
According to LoL News, in September 2021, another LCK team, Fredit BRION, pioneered talent recruitment in Vietnam with the “Be my BRO” program. Through this recruiting program, Dang “TLong” Jackie Chan excellently defeated many opponents to officially join the LCK’s Fredit BRION Challengers team. According to experts, it is mainly a PR image of DRX, but undeniably, Vietnamese gamers have great potential. At the last MSI 2022, Saigon Buffalo was only the 2nd team of VCS to have a roster to compete internationally for the first time, but still made the top 6 strongest teams.
League of Legends: DRX is recruiting Vietnamese talent
It can be said that this will be a great opportunity for Vietnamese players to practice and rub more in professional tournaments. This is the premise for the further development of Vietnam League of Legends esports in the near future.

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About the Dream in DRX program

* Organization time: 06.11.-12.2022 * Venue: Nguyen Thi Thap, District 7, City. HCM * Format: 5v5, Summoner’s Rift * Requirements:

  • Game account reaches Diamond level on Vietnamese servers
  • Can switch to the DRX Academy training center
  • Must meet the standards to live in a collective environment
  • Must meet all exit conditions

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