League of Legends: EGO promises to return to CES to defend the throne

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League of Legends: Soon EGO will reunite with teammates. But that was only after he had finished his sentence following the drama and completed isolation time for Covid-19 treatment.

League of Legends: CES, EGO players will return to compete in the near future

Phuc1 is the jungler that replaces EGO in the Internal Punishment Period. According to many experts, it is quite possible that the CES will move into the top 4 of the VCS in spring 2022, but to say that the CES can achieve this goal. The crowning glory with the current squad is… uncertain. Also, EGO’s scandal isn’t really a big mistake affecting the tournament. Therefore, many people are predicting that he will be able to play with his teammates again soon.
League of Legends: EGO promises a CES return date to protect the throne
EGO personally has also repeatedly said that he will return soon to compete with his teammates and will stay at CES for a long time before going abroad to compete. Many people are predicting that the CES internal punishment is now over, so EGO players will soon be announcing comeback information on their personal pages.
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