League of Legends: Revealing “real” skins in the Mythology Store

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Not only Mythical Multicolor, the gaming community will have many opportunities to conquer new real skins of League of Legends.

League of Legends launches many branded costumes that delight fans

As announced by Riot Games about 6 months ago, the League of Legends Myth Store will be changing branded “skins” after a few updates. For example, right now the branded skins of Irelia, K/DA Kai’Sa, Zoe Mage, etc.
A number of Mythical Store skins will be available for sale soon. In the next update, Riot Games also revealed that the “items” in the Mythology Store are the real “clothes” of Seraphine Beach Music, K/DA Evelynn, and Lucian Ultimate Weapon. There are also unique skins like Tech Ziggs, Space Danger Darius and Ashes Knight Pantheon.
Some special items like Myth of Color will also be available in League of Legends in the upcoming update.Some items like Mythical Multicolor will also be available in the upcoming League of Legends. In addition to the “skins” mentioned above, the Mythical Shop will also offer for sale the first item appearing in League of Legends, namely Mythic Multicolor. Please visit TinhhayVIP.com to update the latest information.

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