League of Legends: Slayder found a new target

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League of Legends: Slayder has officially found a new target after Team Flash failed to get relegated

League of Legends: Slayder will compete with Divkid in the new lineup

The VCS summer of 2022 is expected to be extremely attractive and interesting with the appearance of new breezes. Team Flash and SKY are relegated, VCS welcomes 2 rookies, AS Esports and Genius Esports. Added to this is the appearance of Team Whales (Malaysia) after this organization acquired Luxury Esports. This is also a good time for teams to get involved in the transfer market to find staff for their teams. According to League of Legends news, Slayder will join SBTC when Celeb retires, but Chicken Red announced that it has successfully retained that ADC, making it impossible for Slayder to come here.
League of Legends: Slayder found a new target
Although his performance isn’t as high as it was at his peak, with what he showed at VCS Spring 2022 in the youngest Team Flash jersey, Slayder is still a hot name in the transfer market. VCS rookie – Genius Esports also shows willingness to play by successfully recruiting many VCS players such as Coated, Blazes or Divkid. Slayder is the next name to join the Genius Esports lineup, according to the latest update to Riot’s global contract data.League of Legends: Slayder found a new target
According to League of Legends news, Slayder will compete with Divkid for the main AD carry position at Genius Esports. Divkid will have to try a lot not to end up on the bench like he did when he played for GAM Esports. 2 ADCs with 2 different strengths will help Genius Esports develop more tactics but both rookies are longtime bankers so their performance is still a big question mark. Both Slayder and Divkid will compete to find the main kick. If one of them continues to sit on the bench, the future will be very dangerous. VCS Summer 2022 will be worth seeing if the rookies have prepared very well, also the new Breeze Team Whales will make VCS Summer more attractive.
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