League of Legends: WBG lost to RNG

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League of Legends: The focus of this week’s LPL tournament is the confrontation between WBG and RNG.

League of Legends: WBG was officially “closed” in a long string of matches, SofM and Theshy kept losing

In the confrontation between WBG and RNG, RNG showed outstanding initiative from Game 1, overpowering WBG’s players from laning to team fights to big goals. And it’s worth noting that despite conceding a goal, WBG was still fighting hard until mid-game, but since RNG got Tech Dragon Soul, everything started to go downhill. RNG continues to have the Elder Dragon and the first and second Baron.
League of Legends: WBG lost to RNG
Perhaps that is why the mentality of the RNG players is very comfortable, in stark contrast to the WBG players who are in a state of extreme stress and cannot turn the bet. SofM and teammates constantly have to engage in skirmishes. The loss to RNG directly affected WBG’s ranking position, which also indirectly shows that SofM and his teammates still have many internal issues that need to be resolved and unified before officially entering the play-offs.
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