Lien Quan Mobile offers free limited S+ skins

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Lien Quan Mobile “eats a big Tet” and shows willingness to play during Tet when it announces giving S+ skins, unlocking S-level skins, giving generals.

Lien Quan Mobile Gamers will receive a limited S+ costume Valhein for the Lunar New Year

During this year’s Lunar New Year event, Lien Quan Mobile will put all heroes on sale and give S-level skins to all servers in the store for 3 days: January 31 – January 1 – February 2. It can be seen that this is a very rare occurrence. the ability for players to choose and experience all of the generals, as well as the skins they’ve always loved but didn’t have the opportunity to own.

Additionally, next February 1st, players who participate in the unique God of Fortune event will receive Valhein’s S+ skin for free. The event will take place from January 27th to February 6th. Players only need to complete simple tasks to earn points and redeem rewards. Collected points can be exchanged for 6 items depending on your progress. When all 6 items are opened, you will receive a limited edition Valhein S+ God of Wealth skin on New Year’s Day.
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