List of the best Chinese animated films of 2022

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After the success of the film Na Tra in theaters, Chinese animation began to attract the world’s attention. Here are promising names for those who love watching Donghua Chinese movies.

dance of the universe

This film covers the theme of Fairy World, Cultivation, Yin and Yang Nirvana. The film is slated to hit theaters in early 2022.

lord of the universe

Chinese cartoon Wanjie God Lord
The male lead of this Chinese animation film is Ye Chen – a modern man who travels through space to an alien world surrounded by hate and suffering.

Venerable Spirit Sword

Chinese cartoon god sword ton
This Chinese animated film is an adaptation of the manga of the same name, which is expected to be shown in early 2022.

Painting of Jiang Ho Chi and the Unlucky One Part 3

Chinese cartoons
For martial arts lovers, you can watch this movie based on a Chinese mobile game of the same name. The film was shown in 2 parts and caused quite a stir.

Labyrinth of Ascendants

Chinese cartoon Maze of Realms
The main character of the film is Ninh Vien, a multi-talented but unlucky guy who is accidentally transported to another world. Here he meets the magician, the Hong Kong gangster, the Japanese president… it turns out that they are all brought into a game world full of mystery and death.

The Reckless Journey Part 2 (The Reckless Journey 2)

The Reckless Journey Part 2 (The Reckless Journey 2)
Following the success of Part 1, this Part 2 continues the story of a chaotic world where humans and youkai live together and there are many rebellious youkai who slaughter humans…causing war to break out.

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singing teenagers

Chinese cartoon teenager Ge Hanh
This hit work is scheduled to be broadcast on January 26, 2022.

Douluo mainland

Chinese cartoon Douluo mainland
Mainland Douluo is currently one of Tencent’s most successful anime franchises. It is known that the work will soon receive a new part in 2022 and with the participation of the production team from Hollywood.

Tieu Nhan

The Chinese cartoon film Xiao Ren
Tieu Nhan is also an animated film produced by Tencent and will soon hit theaters in Q3 2022.

Amazing twin daughter

Chinese cartoon The Great Slayer of Glory
Produced based on author Co Long’s original work of the same name, the work is scheduled to air in July 2022.

Nine African adventures

Chinese cartoon film Nine Flying Condor Miaoli
Although the work has a live-action version, many viewers are still looking forward to the animated film with many promises of action effects. The film is expected to be released in October 2022. Above is a list of some Chinese animation titles coming out in 2022. Don’t forget to come back to Innnewyorkcity VN for more featured movie listings. .

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