“Love branded women” Ngoc Trinh shows her hot body in a bikini

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Known for many roles: model, actress, beauty… but Ngoc Trinh is best known thanks to the title “Queen of Lingerie”. Thanks to her slim fiery body, Ngoc Trinh always knows how to flaunt her desirable body.

In addition to a fan page with more than 2,600,000 likes and more than 5,500,000 followers, her Instagram channel currently also has a desirable number of followers with around 5,700,000 followers. In particular, the YouTube channel, although “born late after birth”, now also has a gold button with more than 2 million subscribers. The high view clips are mostly unboxing clips that smell like money and help her earn the branded female lover title.
Fan page Ngoc Trinh

Not only engaged in the field of art, Ngoc Trinh also owns many cosmetic and aesthetic brands related to beauty. If you care about posting photos and invest in photography concepts, it’s not difficult to see them often in many different styles. From high-walled goals, coeds to daring cuts, it couldn’t be more revealing. The final bikini photoset was shot in Phu Quoc, with the highlight being a Chanel skateboard that cost more than VND250 million. In the photos, she wears a nude bikini with a dangerous cut that stuns people from her “normal” body.
bikini virgin

56 Ngoc Trinh Waist

Do you remember that the number 56 indicates the waist of the “queen of lingerie”? This is the measure that will help Ngoc Trinh become the smallest-waisted person in Vietnamese showbiz. It is known that the waist measurement once reached the number 53 – a measurement that is not difficult for anyone to possess. And, of course, to achieve this result, she had to go through a rigorous process of training, exercise and diet for herself.
virgin body
Ngoc Trinh loves branded goods

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Recently, the Ngoc Trinh name is back in vogue thanks to the unprecedented liquidation of “terrible” brands on the fanpage with more than 5 million followers. While she knew she was a “brand lover,” no one expected her to have a luxury fortune ranging from tens of millions to thousands of dollars, with many watches, handbags, diamond jewelry, and a Hermes bag collection. tens of billions of dollars.
Ngoc Trinh scandal

Of course, since this liquidation, there have been many scandals behind these high-quality items. It must be said again and again, without this monumental liquidation with extremely high interaction, the online community would still know Ngoc Trinh with the title “lingerie queen” and “hot” photo sets like sunny summer. .

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