LPL players are criticized for not climbing the ranks

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Ahead of the 2022 World Championship, many LPL players are being criticized by everyone for being lazy about not climbing the rankings like before.

LPL fans are worried because players are too lazy to move up

Only a few days left, Worlds 2022 will officially take place. Of course, the Chinese LoL fans are expected to make a difference with the 4 representatives of the LPL region, Top Esports, JD Gaming, Royal Never Give Up and EDward Gaming.
LPL fans have found out that JDG and TES stars have not trained in the past month. However, part of the fan base expressed concern and dissatisfaction with the LPL players. Notably, many TES and JDG stars have rested for a while without returning. There are players who don’t level up for a month.
LPL players are criticized for not climbing the ranks4 Chinese League of Legends representatives at Worlds 2022. Perhaps the LPL audience is worried because their expectations of the players are too high. In fact, professional teams always have the most scientific arrangement to make their stars feel mentally comfortable and know the balance between work and rest.
LPL players are criticized for not climbing the ranksJD Gaming has received many expectations from LPL fans. Therefore, the fact that players don’t rank up strongly seems to have been in the management team’s agreement. Plus, with the 2022 World Cup fast approaching, the stars need to rest to focus on the big campaign.
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