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Our Can Tho travel guide will show you places with beautiful scenery. Fun games and delicious food If you are planning a future trip Be sure to save these places now!

On the journey to find the Southwest region Can Tho TourismMany visitors want to know more spots. Travel near Can Tho Here are some other famous, impressive, and enchanting attractions that will make a river cruise a much more enjoyable experience.

1. Sightseeing in Ho Chi Minh City

talk about place Travel near Can Tho Not to mention HCMC. The country’s most developed city offers a plethora of attractions, entertainment and dining that visitors won’t want to miss. Saigon tourismVisitors will have the opportunity to explore a beautiful city sparkling with skyscrapers. Bustling entertainment area Bustling commercial center…

Travel near Can Tho

Not to mention the outstanding attractions in Saigon. Notre Dame Cathedral, West Bui Vien Street, Independence Palace, Ha Long Port, Nguyen Hue Street, Ben Thanh market,… Saigon is a street food paradise and home to many delicious restaurants. Coming here, you can enjoy snail dishes, goat hot pot, beef hot pot, seafood, vermicelli…

2. Kien Giang Tourism – A famous beach resort near Can Tho

About 90 km from Can Tho, Kien Giang is an ideal place for a trip or a weekend getaway. Kien Giang Tourism This place is famous for attractive tourist attractions such as Ha Tien tourist area, U Minh Thuong tourist area, Hai Tac island, Mui Nai, Nam Du tourist area.

Travel near Can Tho

Kien Giang is also known as the pearl island of Phu Quoc. Phu Quoc TourismVisitors admire the beautiful natural scenery of the sea and islands. Check-in famous attractions such as Dinh Cau, Night Market, Ham Ninh Fishing Village or discover the leading entertainment and resort complexes in Vietnam. Phu Quoc Reunification CenterKien Giang cuisine with strange dishes such as fish salad, crab cake soup, cashew nuts. It also attracts tourists from all over the world

Travel near Can Tho

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3. Visiting Vinh Long – Day Tour near Can Tho

The short and easy distance from Can Tho to the western provinces like Vinh Long makes it an ideal choice for a convenient and economical day trip. Go around Can Tho Vinlong western tourist destination Interesting.With a system of interconnected canals and a luxuriant orchard system. This place is very suitable for picnics. Explore the river and the garden

The most attractive points of Vinh Long:

  • Chaon Floating Market
  • Din Long Thanh
  • Thien Chau Temple
  • Sekikyo Garden
  • Quoc Tu Giam Temple

Travel near Can Tho

4. Visit Ha Giang

Western tour 2 nights 3 days, Can Tho – Hau Giang, a nearby tourist destination not to be missed. This place is famous for its peaceful river view. Hau Giang’s lush garden is also home to many famous dishes such as Cai Tak heart porridge, ancient vermicelli salad, pebbles, bean sprouts, catfish…

Some great attractions in Hau Giang

  • Lung Ngoc Hoang Nature Reserve
  • babai base
  • Long My Cultural and Historical Area
  • Memorial Park 75

Travel near Can Tho

5. Visit Dong Thap

About 60 km from Can Tho, Dong Thap is one of the destinations. southwest journey Come for the best value This place is known for its peaceful natural setting. Besides, Dong Thap is also known for many Western dishes such as Sadet Tek noodle soup, Kao Hran pancake, fish sauce hot pot…

Outstanding attractions in Dong Thap:

  • Phuoc Kien Pagoda (Bai Sen Pagoda)
  • Sadet Flower Village
  • Dinh Yen Mat village
  • Lotus Court in Thap Mui
  • Brilliant tangerine garden
  • lark

Travel near Can Tho

6. Sok Trang tourism

Soc Trang is one of the interesting tourist destinations near Can Tho with charming natural scenery, coming here visitors can not only see the green rice fields, orchards, poetic rivers but also enjoy the beauty of nature. also in special Khmer festivals western food Pia cake, mentsuyu, braised fish etc… delicious.

Some outstanding attractions in Soc Trang:

  • Temple: Bat Pagoda, Chen Kew Pagoda, Earth Pagoda
  • Banh Xeo Headquarters Thanh Hue Vien
  • fresh water lake
  • Ganam Floating Market
  • Tan Long Stork Garden

Travel near Can Tho

7. Visiting Ben Tre – 2 days 1 night, attractions near Can Tho

Those who want to experience the activity visit the garden of the west When you’re done, head to Ben Che, located near Can Tho, this tourist spot is perfect for those who enjoy the peaceful and green setting of poetic riverside park. especially delicious dishes such as Sour and Soup of Cotton Fish with Coconut Rice, Filtered Cake Soup, Coconut Dessert… attract more tourists.

Some outstanding attractions in Ben Tre:

  • tree garden
  • coconut candy oven
  • Traditional honey garden
  • Visit the traditional tatami weaving village
  • Lac Market Ben Tre

Travel near Can Tho

8. Chavin Tourism

Western tours from Can Tho cannot ignore the land of Cha Vinh, famous for its pristine and windy Badong beach. You can come here to have fun, sightsee, camp and enjoy a variety of delicious seafood, Cha Bing is also famous for many delicious Western dishes such as porridge, bento soup. Flat rice cake…

Some outstanding attractions in Chavin:

  • Badong Mangrove Ecotourism Area
  • explosion hole
  • KDL Deja Vu Hun Ka
  • cave temple

Travel near Can Tho

9. Travel lock

Which state should you go to when traveling to the West?Can Tho self-sufficient travel experience makes Bac Lieu an interesting destination that should not be missed. In addition to being famous for the anecdotes about Prince Bacuru, this rich and beautiful land is also known for many interesting attractions. There are also many other delicious dishes such as coconut silkworm cake, longan, and spicy beef noodle soup. Beet cake slippers…

Some outstanding attractions in Bac Lieu:

  • House of Prince Bakuryu
  • longan
  • wind farms
  • Nankai Fa
  • Khao Wan Lao Theater
  • Siam Khan Temple

Travel near Can Tho

10. Anchan tourism

Located about 100 km from Can Tho, An Giang is an attractive destination for tourists with rugged and majestic mountains, vast fields, and beautiful scenery. This tourist destination near Can Tho is also famous for many delicious dishes such as fish sauce hot pot, 7-course meat, fish cake soup, Tao Yon…

Some outstanding attractions in An Giang:

  • Temple of Bach To Mieu
  • Excursion to Anjan mountain: Sam mountain, Kham n mountain. Phu Khao Ket
  • tapa lake
  • Tolas . Melaleuca forest
  • Tuc Dup Monument
  • Chau Doc Floating Village
  • Cham Village

Travel near Can Tho

11. Yongan Tourism

Western Tour 3 nights 4 days Do not miss the land of Long An with its peaceful river beauty. This attraction near Can Tho is famous for its fragrant lotus ponds. interesting hiking trails and a beautiful check-in point. And especially with unique dishes such as vermicelli, sweet and sour pork, dried snakehead fish…

Some outstanding attractions in Long An:

  • Hundreds of old houses
  • Tan Lap Wharf
  • Tan Tak village
  • Lan Sen Wetland Reserve

Travel near Can Tho

12. Eco-tourism area near Can Tho

A trip to Can Tho to the West will not be complete without some interesting eco-tourism areas. can go ecotourism Near Can Tho An ideal place for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery, culture, fun activities and unique cuisine of the West River.

Attractions near Can Tho:

  • Gao Giong eco-tourism area in Dong Thap province
  • My Luong eco-tourism area, An Giang province
  • Tay Do eco-tourism area in Hau Giang province
  • Dong Thap Cape eco-tourism site Long An Province

Travel near Can Tho

When traveling to Can Tho and places near Can Tho, visitors only have to choose for themselves the most satisfactory resort. but also easy access to tourist attractions and entertainment located in Sheraton Can Tho The perfect resort for a trip to the West with many benefits.

  • The central location makes it easy to move to other areas of the West, the airport, the train station, the bus station and vice versa.
  • Sheraton Can Tho – The tallest hotel in the Southwest region. With a panoramic view of the river and sparkling Can Tho city.

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Travel near Can ThoTravel near Can Tho

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at the top Travel near Can Tho with beautiful scenery Many interesting attractions and delicious food that we have shared above. We hope to help visitors have more destinations in their discovery journey.

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