Luxury travel isn’t just for the rich.

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Luxury travel isn’t just for wealthy families. Because the most luxurious hotels in the resort offer huge discounts.

When the outbreak first appeared in the area in early May. Almost every activity is shaken by fear. You can clearly feel the silence and gloom when sitting in the restaurant of a 5-star hotel in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, there are always ingredients, mostly fresh, for processing. so that the food is fresh according to the standards Although the number of visitors here is sparse.

on the hotel’s official website For the first time, there is a short-stay (accommodation) option, focusing on city center customers who want to enjoy 5-star service in the city.

The above hotel conditions are also typical situations for luxury hotels. When the number of foreign visitors is about to run out after the decision to close the border to prevent the spread of the virus.

Laying off employees is not the best solution for hotels. Because reopening a new hotel if an important employee resigns is quite expensive. Hotels and Resorts Needing Stable Operations Even During the Pandemic Maintaining low-level operations with basic services and creating minimal employment for staff is the approach that is accessible to real hotels and resorts. presently. This is also an opportunity for visitors to access modern services at affordable prices.

Rated as the leading luxury hotel chain by CBRE, Vinpearl is also leading a discount program to attract domestic guests as soon as all activities return to normal. From the summer, Vinpearl launches a series of programs to attract tourists to destinations in the main hotel system.

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This year, Vinpearl will coordinate with domestic airlines to design combo tickets at half the price of a weekday. The dense system of hotels and resorts throughout the provinces and cities will help Vinpearl bring the best service packages to visitors. Promote domestic tourism when the epidemic situation begins to be controlled.

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