Marvel at the premiere of the super show ‘Colors of Venice’.

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The premiere of The Colors of Venice on the evening of April 21, 2021 impressed tens of thousands of viewers. Visitors can feel the glitter beauty, elaborate costumes of the artist… Glide across the water in a laser beam illuminating the colorful Mediterranean-style walls.

A new world opens as the sun begins to cover the Phu Quoc Reunification Center by the Venice Canal. Many visitors watch the mini show, walk around, take pictures check in… All this in the sparkling night and the famous “Best Edition Performance” We are looking forward to the wonderful water show in Venice. of the eastern region

The bell from the Tower of Light rang. It’s time to change the gondola. Equipped with the world’s most modern sound, light, laser and projector systems. Dozens of boats form a parade that takes visitors into a fantasy world.

venice color show

Draw attention to the 180-degree shot as the giant props fade away. Floating on a calm lake Inside combines a large-scale performance inspired by the folding fan of Renaissance Europe’s aristocracy with a unique and charismatic single player piano performance… you won’t believe it. All are central lakes hidden beneath the canals of Venice and still roaming around. day boat


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venice color show

When the gonzola docked The dancers mingled in the adventurous and romantic ‘Venice Dance’, Ball wanted to convey to visitors the meaning of wishing happiness. spread happiness throughout the community and convey the soulful atmosphere of a magical Venice night. In particular, visitors can experience human transformation while living in the authentic atmosphere of Renaissance European society.

venice color show

Director Viet Tu said that the super show “Colors of Venice” is invested with the most advanced technology in the world. Give viewers an unprecedented experience.

Underneath the arena “Colors of Venice” is designed a modern hydraulic piston system with a large number of machines and infrastructure installed underground in the country. This system is meant to automatically submerge the entire path the actor takes across the lake. If there is a tourist boat to visit

One of the biggest challenges of the super show is the giant fan that is hidden in the bottom of the lake and only appears when the show begins. It’s a big screen to show big 3D mapping effects and weighs up to 1 ton.

venice color show

The mechanical deepwater fan system was designed by the chief engineer so that the fan can be raised – this monitor, in addition, many other advanced techniques have been developed to give the building a distinctive look floor period doubled. (including the piano) slowly emerge from the water Alone, the approximate saltwater penetration technology compared to these expensive props is both expensive and difficult.

Use the 3D map projector system to turn the floating fan display into a seamless masterpiece. Currently, Vietnam’s screen technology can be compared with many countries in the world. Combined with a high brightness of tens of thousands of asilumens (projector brightness units), it is one of the few 3D mapping projectors capable of displaying sharp details on a single page of the projection screen. Satisfied Most wanted Traveler

venice color show

Combined with modern projection technology. Creating a unique light show that captivated thousands of spectators, the “Moonlight Dance” performance highlighted the images of girls and boys in classic costumes using LED technology, supported by the ending titled “Dance of Light” and instead of the most sincere farewell to the audience. This is the place to display unique laser technology that has never been seen in Vietnam.

Notably, right at the opening ceremony of Phu Quoc United Center Super Complex, “Colors of Venice” was officially recognized as “Colors of Venice”. “Vietnam’s largest multimedia landscape art exhibition inspired by European cultural quintessence”

These amazing images and technologies What previously could only be found at top entertainment venues such as Disneyland, Cirque du Soleil, now director Zhang Yimou’s reality show has officially come to an end. Launched in Vietnam. Especially Venice” and other super shows in general at Phu Quoc United Center.

venice color show

In addition to ‘Colors of Venice’, Phu Quoc United Center will host two highly anticipated super shows: ‘The Essence of Vietnam’ by director Viet Tu and ‘One time show’ by domestic contractor Quantum. from the US The combination of three spectacular programs will be one of the attractions attracting visitors when coming to Phu Quoc United Center, the leading resort and entertainment complex in Southeast Asia.

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