MC Kim Ngan hacked Facebook and promoted the movie “Sex”.

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Recently, MC Kim Ngan’s Facebook page suddenly advertised sex movies and the owner immediately spoke up.

Being hacked on Facebook made MC Kim Ngan worried for clarification

Kim Ngan is no longer a strange name for gamers. Today she is the new and youngest face in the MC line-up of Lien Quan Mobile. But lately, the MC’s Facebook account has been constantly posting sensitive images and promoting films that don’t conform to convention. And these pictures are posted via the Facebook story.

Netizens immediately suspected that the female MC’s account had been hacked. But there are also people who believe that the female MC sold her fanpage to a third party and led to the current situation. Therefore, the Lien Quan Mobile community can’t help but be confused by the “sensitive” photos.
MC Kim Ngan hacked Facebook and ads
In fact, as predicted by many, Kim Ngan was attacked by hackers on his personal page. In another of her reports, female MC Lien Quan Mobile spoke up and informed everyone:
MC Kim Ngan hacked Facebook and ads
“I lost to MC Kim Ngan. On the way back. If there are any bad posts, it’s not me. Many Thanks”.
Looks like MC Kim Ngan is trying to get his account back. Follow new articles from Innnewyorkcity VN to update related information.

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