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Some would argue that sauces make or break food. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about pasta, stir-fries or McDonald’s food.

Any culture, toppings or sauces on proteins, vegetables, breads and grains for added flavor and texture.

The same goes for the classic American burger. Burgers and fries with no sauce just meat, dumplings and fries.

So when you order burgers, fries, and roast beef at McDonald’s, your waiter will always ask what sauce you’d like to put in the bag.

I’m here to make sure you know the delicious options at your fingertips. McDonald’s sauces go well with popular burgers, chicken, etc.

McDonald’s Sauce

Read on to discover our list of the best McDonald’s sauces.

Tangy BBQ

Tangy BBQ Sauce is one of McDonald’s bestsellers and is equally delicious when dipped in bread.

I would compare it to Texas-style barbecue sauce because it contains a lot of ketchup and brown sugar.

Spicy barbecue adds a smoky flavor and texture that goes well with any meat. Be it chicken, burgers or fish sandwiches.

If it’s too sweet for your taste You can mix in spicy buffalo sauce or spicy mustard to tone down the sweetness with seasoning or flavoring.

I love the aromatic BBQ sauce on a bacon cheeseburger with jalapeno peppers.

Sweet and sour

While you might think of sweet and sour as the flavors of Asian cuisine, McDonald’s has proven that their app elevates American cuisine, too.

For example, sweet and sour sauce mixed with vinegar and sweetener. In the case of McDonald’s sweet and sour sauce, they use mashed peaches and apricots.

The sour taste comes from both vinegar and onion powder. It also has a spicy taste due to the chili powder.

I think the best dish with sweet and sour sauce is fried chicken. When you pour this sauce over the chicken Let it seep into the bread, you’ll be hooked.

Big Mac Sauce

The Big Mac is McDonald’s most iconic burger. So it’s only fair to have an exclusive specialty sauce.

Big Mac sauce has been McDonald’s best-kept secret for decades. And that’s why the Big Mac is so popular. Fortunately, McDonald’s decided to share their secret recipe with the public in 2012.

Contains mayonnaise, sweet mustard, vinegar and spices. Big Mac Sauce is a wonderful trio of creamy, tangy and sweet.

The sweet taste put the sauce in my choice. Add sweet savory and crunchy pickles.

It’s the best sauce for the Big Mac. But I like it on any kind of sandwich. From fried chicken to fried fish

honey mustard

Perhaps McDonald’s best sauce, honey mustard is a fan favorite.

I credit McDonald’s for discovering that chicken and honey mustard are the perfect combination.

The combination of sour and sweet in this perfect creamy sauce tastes great with any type of chicken. Could be breaded chicken or roast beef.

It can be sweeter than tangy. But their mustard gives it a spicy and aromatic taste. I always ask for more for my fries.

A popular salad dressing Honey mustard is my favorite dressing for McDonald’s salads.

hot mustard

Most dipping sauces are sweet, creamy, or both. If you don’t like sweet sauces, hot mustard is for you.

Mustard is like horseradish or wasabi. Obviously there is a spicy taste that hits your tongue and nasal cavity.

It is both a familiar taste and a delicate one that is rewarded by gourmet restaurants.

Although you can pair hot mustard with Bavarian crackers or steak sauce. You can easily serve it with burgers or chicken sandwiches.

I recommend it in a burger. Consider the historic combination of hot mustard with biscuits and steak. It will upgrade the bread into the food field.


The farm is American as are the burgers and the main sauces and sauces on every menu.

McDonald’s Ranch Sauce is traditional. with mayonnaise and buttermilk flavored with onion and garlic powder.

It has an equally creamy and sour taste that goes well with any menu. From salads to fries

Personally, I find the farm a bit boring. So I like to use it as a palate cleanser for spicy sauces or other menu items.

It goes especially well with spicy buffalo sauce. Increase heat with ice cream.

If you don’t like tartar sauce, Ranch is a great substitute for burgers or fish.

Spicy buffalo

McDonald’s Hottest Buffalo Sauce The translucent neon-orange Buffalo sauce seems to announce the heat before you even taste it.

If you are not afraid of its color Hope you can feel the heat!

The spicy buffalo sauce is colored and seasoned with cayenne pepper. It is a staple seasoning in Cajun cooking.

I think it’s hot and spicy. I could taste the different flavors of the pepper mix. But I still feel the garlic burning on my tongue.

I think spicy buffalo sauce goes best with fried chicken. Whether it’s a chicken or a fried McChicken sandwich.

McDonald’s Sauce

  1. Tangy BBQ
  2. Sweet and sour
  3. Big Mac Sauce
  4. honey mustard
  5. hot mustard
  6. ice cream farm
  7. Spicy buffalo

final thought

McDonald’s sauces range from spicy to sweet and sour. Many of them combine all three flavors. My list of the best McDonald’s sauces gives you insight into the flavors and how to combine them.

Did you know that McDonald’s menus in other countries have changed? Check out what you can get at McDonald’s in Latin America or McDonald’s Australia!

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