Miraculously pandas come back to life at Vinpearl Safari

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Under the ‘house’ of Vinpearl Safari, a thin, ragged panda loses control of its behavior… Completely molting, the raccoon is said to have miraculously revived after 3 years of being controlled by the staff. Forest at Vinpearl Safaris is loving and patient.

Panda’s Instinct Restoration Miracle at Vinpearl Safari

26 bears were sent from Hon Me Wildlife Rescue Center (Kien Giang). Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc Even basic living conditions cannot be guaranteed from traces of long life in cramped barns.

from the herd of towering bears At that time, there were people who were thin, in poor health, and there were even bears whose behavior was seriously abnormal. “Makes me crazy”…

Seeing unusual behavior, such as panic attacks frequently turning the barn wall It repeatedly rubbed its head against the barn’s fence until it bled, prompting the expert team to urgently take measures to improve health physically and mentally for the bears. restore their instincts.

So the ideal “territory” is reserved for bears. There are a variety of wild trees and shrubs that are ideal for climbing, running and swarming. Vinpearl Safaris has also built reservoirs and waterfalls to provide cool spots for bears to enjoy.

During the first two months after the bears are brought in, the Caregiver will monitor each cub’s development 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, checking each cub’s performance status. Be prepared for emergencies that require immediate assistance. Be prepared to maintain enough distance for the bear to comfortably stay in its “new home”. Thanks to the patience of the “nurse” Vinpearl Safari, the bears gradually feel the comfort of a real home.

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Pictures of Vinpearl Safari

The bear’s diet is also constantly updated by experts to suit the health and preferences of each individual.

Especially, quality and diverse food sources are imported to meet the standards of leading zoos in the world because they are imported directly from Vinpearl’s 5ha agricultural farm.

Pictures of Vinpearl Safari

for the bears to “restore” their natural, natural behavior. Breeders always love and care for bears systematically. But do not spoil and give them “food”, but still patiently and skillfully apply small behaviors such as feeding bears. Train your bear to create new habits.

For example, if you feed a bear a coconut every day, the coconut is not chopped to get its juice. The bears must tear their own bark and fists. like honey Zookeepers also hang them on tall tree branches to help bears maintain their climbing and feeding instincts and gently awaken their natural instincts.

Pictures of Vinpearl Safari

After 3 years, from thin and weak, the bears became fat, plump, and shiny.

The members of the bear group are also given cute names according to their characteristics: Crazy Bear, Bald… The rangers of Vinpearl Safari have also understood the psychology, personality, and melancholy, old habits of the bears. each bear to take better care of every day.

Vinpearl Safari – The most unique wildlife sanctuary in Vietnam

In addition to the miracle of saving rare sun bears, Vinpearl Safaris also successfully received and rescued many cases such as sun bears and yellow-faced gibbons. Yellow-cheeked gibbon, pink royal, silver langur… at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc or pink-footed pelican at River Safari South Hoi An.

Pictures of Vinpearl Safari

manager Vinpearl Safari Phu QuocLuu Chi Hieu said: “Experienced experts are involved in this process.”

Vinpearl Safari is the first zoo in Vietnam to be certified under the SEAZA Animal Welfare Regulation, the Zoological Association of Southeast Asia. Also a member of WAZA, the World Zoo Association, Vinpearl Safari constantly strives to bring thousands of wild animals the best living conditions, as close to nature as possible.

Interesting life at Vinpearl Safari

Pictures of Vinpearl Safari

At Vinpearl Safari, wild animals always find their way to happiness. In addition to their success in helping and caring for hundreds of people, the many “F1 generations” who continue to stay healthy are the clearest testament to their ability to care and preserve. ‘Table Table Forest’ I live in this area.

Pictures of Vinpearl Safari

Winnie, a young white rhino with an active personality. Eagerly running around the park to “Exercise” a few times each morning. Gibbons are also famous throughout the region because they are so playful that they forget the way home. Zoo staff return every afternoon to find the gibbons and bring them home.

Pictures of Vinpearl Safari

During the first 6 months of 2020, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc was home to 216 animals of more than 30 threatened species, including Bengal tigers, white rhinos, yellow deer, wildebeest and antelopes.

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Pictures of Vinpearl Safari

At River Safari (VinWonders South Hoi An), Vietnam has successfully hatched the first black-necked swan egg. and rare F1 animals, including 4 African white lions. And three tigers… were born.

Continuously repeated herd statistics show that healthy pups are born. And the success of Vinpearl Safari has reached regional standards. most important, Vinpearl SafariEach species lives by its natural instincts and reproduces ceaselessly. Making magic in Vietnam and around the world

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