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Soi Island Nha Trang has loads of things to do. It is a wonderful and charming attraction that tourists cannot ignore when visiting the coastal city of Nha Trang.

Have been to the coastal city of Nha Trang without visiting and discovering. Nha Trang Island Alley Here you can enjoy swimming and experience various and unique entertainments.

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1. Where is Koh Soi Nha Trang / Koh Soi?

  • address: Koh Soi is located on Tri Nguyen Island, Vinh Nguyen District, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province.

Hong Soi Nha Trang Tourist Area, formerly known as Tri Nguyen Marine Park Tourist Area, has become the quintessential eco-tourism area of ​​the South Central Coast rich in Vietnamese cultural identity.

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Soi Hong Nha Trang tourist area has a number of tourist attractions such as: blue sea water; Crystal clear white sand beach What is even more interesting is that a number of Vietnamese folk entertainment services have also been developed at this place.

What is the best month to travel to Nha Trang? cute? When is the best time to go to Hong Soi Nha Trang? Hong Soi Nha Trang is beautiful all year round. The best time to visit Hong Soi Nha Trang is early March to September.At this time, the weather is cool, there are no storms, so the sea is calm, the waves are light, the water is clear.

2. Ticket price Hon Soi/Hong Soi Resort Nha Trang

  • Business hours: Time 07.30-16.30
  • Ticket price for Hong Soi tour includes everything: 120,000 VND/Adult 80,000 VND/Child

Looking for Nha Trang Bridge

Tickets to visit Hon Soi include all program contents including: Visiting the Aquarium. Touch the lucky turtle’s head Watch the seal show…

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3. How to get to Nha Trang Cobble Island Resort

3.1.Move from Nha Trang town to the pier

  • taxi: Nha Trang is a busy tourist city and there are many taxi companies to serve your service needs. Reference taxi price: About 70,000 – 90,000 VND / way
  • motorcycle: It is a popular vehicle to guide your journey in Nha Trang. Reference motorbike rental price: 70,000 – 80,000 VND / day / trolley, 100,000 – 170,000 VND / day / scooter.

experience Explore Nha Trang with a rental car Good price coupled with good quality is choosing the right car model and size. especially Book a car before coming to Nha Trang and choose a reputable car rental service… Shuttle bus

Looking for Nha Trang Bridge

3.2 Moving from the pier to the island

  • There are many options for transportation. You can choose to travel by canoe, yacht or boat from the pier to Hong Soi.
  • Reference cost: 280,000 VND/hour/canoe, 180,000 VND/hour/boat
  • Departure time: The times are 7:00am, 08:30am, 09:30am, 12:00pm, 3:00pm and 5:00pm.

4. Enjoy a multitude of activities in Nha Trang, Hong Soi

Hong Soi Resort Nha Trang is located in Hong Myu, is a large eco-tourism area, attracting visitors with many interesting and attractive activities for all ages, of which Soi Island is one of them. Nha Trang Playground Give your child more movement space and many rewarding experiences.

4.1 Sightseeing, check-in at Royal Garden

Looking for Nha Trang Bridge

Nha Trang Royal Rose Garden is filled with striking and colorful architecture. Check-in Nha Trang Extremely hot will make virtual believers crazy.

4.2 Going to Tri Nguyen Aquarium

Alley Nha Trang Island

Tri Nguyen Aquarium is a famous attraction in Hon Soi. where hundreds of rare sea creatures like sea turtles, fish and many more will leave you in awe.

4.3.Enjoyed with folk dance performances

Vietnamese folk dance performances at Hong Soi tourist destination are very special such as festival drums, street dances, father dances, flag dances.

4.4 See the circus and perform the seals

Looking for Nha Trang Bridge

Folk circus show The seal show took place very excitingly. and is a popular activity in Hong Soi Nha Trang.

4.5 Visiting the aquarium

Looking for Nha Trang Bridge

Tri Nguyen Aquarium has a rich marine life system. From animals to plants From big fish to small fish like corals, sea turtles, sharks…

4.6 Swimming at Nha Trang Beach

Alley Nha Trang Island

Nha Trang Painting Beach the beauty of the blue sea unspoiled white sand beach And the beautiful natural scenery is very attractive.

4.7. Diving

Nha Trang Island Alley

Much pristine natural beauty remains in the tourist areas of Hong Soi, and the beaches here are largely unspoiled. As a passionate explorer of the ocean, scuba diving should not be missed. Worth a try.

5. Mahhong Soi, how to eat?

When coming to Hong Soi Nha Trang, you will be surprised by the diverse restaurant system that can serve all the needs of visitors. The prominent restaurants here are Sen Restaurant, Mai Jo Restaurant. and boat fish From fast food with quality ingredients to delicious and attractive seafood.

Nha Trang Island Alley

6. Things to note when coming to Hong Soi Resort Nha Trang

6.1. Prepare your luggage

  • Do not forget to bring necessary items such as winter clothes, cosmetics, sunscreen, sunglasses…
  • Bring a nice outfit, selfie stick, phone charger. and backup battery Then check in to live virtual life at our beautiful resort.

6.2. Accommodation

To go to tourist attractions and places in Hong Soi travel to Nha Trang If you feel comfortable enough You should choose accommodations with attractive services and facilities, located in an area with easy access to the city’s famous attractions.

Nha Trang Island Alley

System of resorts and hotels Vinpearl Nha Trang It is an accommodation that will impress devotees and groups. Share travel experiences in Nha Trang. Soi Island Review. Suggestions when traveling in Hon Soi. Let your trip have many benefits. perfect resort safe travel.

  • Vinpearl Nha Trang resort complex owns three hotels and resorts on the mainland. The island has six exclusive and luxury resorts, all in prime locations.
  • Stay at Vinpearl Hotel Nha Trang to visit the amusement park. VinWonders Nha TrangFind many interesting and fun activities.
  • The facilities in the area perfectly meet the resort needs of you and your family and friends.
  • Diverse services with facilities such as gym, spa, skin care …

Looking for Nha Trang Bridge

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Looking for Nha Trang Bridge It is a charming resort and leisure paradise where you can spend a luxurious vacation with family and friends. and where there are many unique and epic experiences. If you are not planning to go to Hong Soi as soon as possible. Hope the information in the article will help you find the most detailed and interesting Hong Soi sightseeing and discovery journey.

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