MSI 2022: EG Vortex LPL support

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MSI 2022: Evil Geniuses support Vulcan challenges RNG in semifinals and spins into old LPL pain.

MSI 2022: LPL fans still remember the pain of MSI 2019

Do you remember the last time a Chinese team selected North America in the semifinals? I’m sure Impact remembers it well!‘ said Vulcan. It was at MSI 2019, Invictus Gaming chose Team Liquid as their opponent and pitted SK Telecom T1 and G2 Esports against each other in the semifinals.
MSI 2022: EG Vortex LPL support
Vulcan used past events to refer to the upcoming semifinals where IG were very strong but lost to Team Liquid despite a 2-0 lead in the semifinals. Due to this event EG support want to recreate the old semi finals, Vulcan want RNG regret choosing LCS representative in semi finals.
MSI 2022: EG Vortex LPL support
However, in terms of current performance and level, EG can hardly be the reigning champion of RNG.
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