Nam Mahi An: what to do, what to eat, where is the most beautiful, fully equipped?

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Visitors will not miss the opportunity to stay in luxury hotels. Enjoy special dishes and experience the unique culture of South Hoi An.

Before coming to Nam Hoi An, tourists often wonder what is special about Nam Hoi An, what interesting restaurants, hotels or amusement parks in their trip. South Hoi An The detailed description below promises to make your trip more experience and memorable than ever.

1. What beautiful and comfortable hotels and resorts does Nam Hoi An have?

The Vinpearl Nam Hoi An complex in the heart of the Central Heritage Road has created a resort paradise. Entertainment with diverse cultures and experiences The resorts near Nam Hoi An beach are all 5-star quality, not only have fully equipped rooms. Not only “meeting all needs” but also with beautiful sea view from modern facilities, I can confirm this is the perfect resort for you and your family.

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An A luxury resort designed like a sailing boat Visitors can bask in the sunshine and scent of the 1.3km-long pristine sea, that’s why Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An becomes a destination for tourists. to attract visitors in recent years.

South Hoi An

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2. Things to do in South Hoi An?

2.1.Explore South Hoi An

Divided into 5 locations, VinWonders Nam Hoi An offers an exciting experience suitable for all audiences from adults to children.

2.1.1 Feel free to “struggle” in the Water World area.

South Hoi An

Thrillers and adventurers should not miss the Water World area with scary slides such as Dinosaur Slide, Dragon Slide, etc.

2.1.2.Challenge exciting games in Adventure Land

South Hoi An

Adventure Land is known as the paradise of exciting entertainment. There are more than 20 attractive outdoor games and nearly 100 indoor games, giving visitors unforgettable experiences. “The Forgotten Valley” is more than just a hypnotic maze. “Crash of the Century” is another fun game that jumps from heights of up to 85 meters and tests your mettle with lots of tricks…

2.1.3 Learn the unique traditional culture in the island village area

South Hoi An

Folklore Island has ancient features and unique architecture from north to south, so Folklore Island is known as the cultural center. Win Wonders South Hoi AnExploring three regions Especially for ethnic minorities in the Central Highlands, VinWonders Nam Hoi An is the only handicraft village where you can experience weaving and paper making.

especially tourists South Hoi An Tourism You can enjoy the atmosphere of a folk festival in a realistic setting. “Road To Harbor” is a complete “return” story that is faithfully reproduced with 3D map screen and lively music. promises to leave an unforgettable impression in the hearts of the audience

South Hoi An

2.1.4 See impressive images past and present at Crossing Harbor

South Hoi An

The 17th century Hoi Nam harbor has been restored to a very lively and authentic appearance. Visitors embark on an emotional and experiential journey from the past to the present.

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2.1.5.River Safari is the only river safari experience in Vietnam.

River Safari is one of the largest wildlife conservation parks in Vietnam. It is home to more than 50 species and more than 530 species of animals, especially here. You will have the opportunity to explore the habitat of 4 rare and extinct wildlife species such as Bengal tiger, lion and cobra that are on the protected list of the world, antelope, kangaroo, painted hornbill, rhinoceros…

South Hoi An

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2.2 Famous attractions in Hoi An

In addition to enjoying at VinWonders Nam Hoi An, Old Town, Cua Dai Beach, An Bang…

  • Bridge tower: Covered Bridge is a symbol of Hoi An. Inside the pagoda is a statue of Bac De Trang Vo, the god who protects the land and brings good things to people.
  • Hoi An Night Market: Lots of stalls selling handicrafts, food and souvenirs line the streets. And you will be lost in a nostalgic space with colorful lanterns.
  • An Bang Beach: This romantic beach was once ranked in the top 25 most beautiful beaches in the world by TripAdvisor.
  • Cua Dai Beach: When listening to the waves crashing on the shore, visitors will hardly forget the scenery of white sand beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. Quiet and poetic space like pulling people closer together

South Hoi An

3. What to eat in South Hoi An?

3.1 Hoi An Specialties

Coming to Hoi An without trying these delicious dishes is a waste. Let’s take a look at some famous dishes of Hoi An below:

  • Hoi An high floor: The dish cannot help but eat when coming to Hoi An. Kaolao has yellow noodles served with shrimp, pork chashu, pork and fresh vegetables.
  • Hoi An Quang Noodles: The noodle shop is similar to Khao Lam. But usually eat with crispy rice paper
  • dumplings: Wonton can be divided into 2 types: fried wonton and soup wonton. No matter what flavor you like, it’s very special.
  • Hoi An pancakes: Pangxiao’s filling is made from bean sprouts, shrimp and meat. Smell the delicious aroma of seafood surrounded by crispy golden crust. If you come here, you will definitely love the food.
  • Hoi An Tea: Hoi An is a “tea paradise” with many kinds of tea such as lotus seed tea, green bean tea, corn tea … but the price is not very expensive.

South Hoi An

3.2 Dine at Vinpearl restaurant Nam Hoi An

If you choose to stay at Vinpearl Nam Hoi An, remember to taste many dishes at the resort’s luxury restaurant system.

A chain of luxurious 5-star restaurants converging the quintessence of world cuisine will surely satisfy visitors when coming to Nam Hoi An:

  • restaurant: For lovers of exquisite Italian cuisine and Hoi An cuisine, the British restaurant is the place for you. Type of service: food on request.
  • Cocoon Restaurant: Most restaurants serve buffets with dishes from all over the world. All dishes are prepared by talented chefs according to international 5-star standards.
  • Lamp restaurant: The restaurant serves a rich buffet menu with many Vietnamese dishes from three regions, European dishes to many Asian specialties. Surely even picky eaters will be satisfied.

There is also a lobby, Latitude Rooftop Bar and Pool Bar that specializes in drinks and snacks.

South Hoi An

Not only outstanding in amusement park But also delicious food. South Hoi An There are also department stores of many world famous brands. All the above reasons are enough to pack your luggage. and leave Hopefully the above information will make your journey more complete and easier.

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