Necessary items for the elderly when traveling

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Traveling is always a way to help older people enjoy life more and extend their lives. However, elderly people should pay attention to the following points to ensure safety.

1. Bags for medicines and medical equipment One of the must-have items on any trip for the elderly is a bag for medicines and medical equipment. Going to a new place, enjoying foreign food, or simply changing the climate between regions also causes changes in the body such as heat/wind, indigestion, etc. Cold medicine. , bandages, hydrogen peroxide, insect bite medicine, wind oil, stomach medicine, motion sickness medicine, airplane medicine, etc. In the event of a cold or an unexpected accident, at night or in a strange place, you cannot buy it in time. And most importantly, one should not forget about the medications that are taken every day to prevent diseases of old age, such as hypertension, diabetes, gout, etc. in case you cannot buy medicines while traveling. Medicine bags should be kept in hand luggage or suitcase to avoid loss.

Figure 2. Identification documents Next to the medicine bag, the identification document is an “inseparable” item for all visitors. Older travelers should bring copies of important identification documents: ID cards or passports, visas, airline tickets, hotel reservations or other services such as tours… Keep these copies elsewhere in the suitcase, in case the most important documents are lost, leave them there. are still copies. Elderly travelers should provide the e-mail, address, phone number… of the tour operator or the Vietnamese embassy in the case of foreign tourists in case anything happens to everyone.

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Figure 3. Choose soft-soled shoes and sandals Traveling is inevitable, so the elderly should bring canvas shoes, soft athletic shoes, and flat-soled shoes for easy walking and climbing. . When going to the beach, the elderly should prepare an extra pair of sandals to go to the beach. Do not wear hard shoes, as this will cause blisters on your feet, make it difficult to walk, and prevent you from fully enjoying the fun of the trip. 4. Personal items When traveling, the elderly should bring items of daily living and personal hygiene, such as E.g.: sunscreen, shower gel, facial cleanser, shampoo. If you have to fly a long flight with a stopover, you should pack an extra set of clothes in your hand luggage. When the flight is delayed for a long time, or you are stuck at the airport, or the main suitcase is lost and cannot arrive on time, the elderly are still not passive, but have clean clothes to clean their bodies. The luggage must be sufficient and compact to avoid carrying a lot of luggage that causes fatigue and difficulty in moving. 5. Paper towels, tissues, hand towels Young visitors may not need items like paper towels and hand towels, but for older people traveling they should have wet wipes ready for convenience. to wipe your hands while driving or eating. In addition, face towels and bath towels are also essential items in the travel plan. The hotel you are going to may prepare face towels and hand towels, but to ensure hygiene and health for yourself, it is best for the elderly to bring their own. 6. Electronic sphygmomanometer Elderly people often suffer from high blood pressure, the consequences of this disease for patients are often very serious such as: myocardial infarction, stroke, stroke. Therefore, on a long business trip, an electronic sphygmomanometer is an indispensable medical device during the trip to immediately detect signs of high blood pressure and control the bad complications that may come your way. elderly travellers.

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The blood pressure monitors for travel are usually compact electronic wrist blood pressure monitors or arm blood pressure monitors that are not too bulky and have a neat carrying case. Blood pressure monitors are battery operated and come with an AC adapter. So take a backup battery with you when the battery runs out and not convenient to buy. Traveling is always an interesting and rewarding journey for everyone. Also for the elderly, it is the best way to improve the quality of life, prolong life, help them love life more, love life more. Please prepare your luggage carefully so that you have an interesting and meaningful journey.

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