Nemo Page was suddenly attacked by 5 men

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Recently, the information that Trang Wem was “groped” by 4-5 men in Ben Tre surprised many people.

Nemo’s side was suddenly hit with water

After the Tran My incident, Trang Nem was constantly involved in various scandals. Although she posted a clip of her bow as an apology, many issues still dogged her. From throwing shrimp paste in front of the house to ordering strangers to bring lots of items to the store and make them pay for them. Recently, information circulated on the Internet that she was attacked while eating with friends at a restaurant in Ben Tre. Accordingly, there were 4-5 strange men, including one who splashed water on her and hit her on the ear.

She said she was very scared and never thought she could act with such disregard for the law in the middle of a crowded place.
Page Nemo is the victim of an attack
It may not end there for Page Nemo. Follow Innnewyorkcity VN to update more good news.

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