Neymar confirmed to sign an exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming, PewPew confirmed to climb the Superstar rank

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Faced with fierce competition between game streaming platforms, Facebook Gaming has decided to invest in a partnership with soccer star Neymar Jr.

Facebook Gaming’s new live streamer, Neymar

People started going live and it seems the saying applies to football. In addition to excelling in classic soccer games, PSG players are also regularly spotted playing livestream games such as Call of Duty, Fortnite and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Before signing with Facebook, he lived for many other platforms. Once he was even banned from Twitch.
Exclusive Facebook streamer
His first live stream has just been hugely successful. It is known that Facebook will pay a good number to the highest earning star in the football world.
The superstar of the pitch intervened on streamers
Facebook informed GameRant that the difference makes the brand and Jr will do so for Facebook Gaming in the near future.
Live stream on FB for the first time

PewPew Confirms Rank Up From Jr

Immediately after Neymar confirmed the live stream on Facebook, PewPew took action to annoy this superstar. “Just got the breaking news. Neymar will play chess with me, ladies and gentlemen. Just kidding, Neymar is also streaming the game on FB, don’t know what to play, tonight you guys are looking for Neymar stream page… Please tell me KC rank can’t keep up with teammates… Sad !”.
PewPew teases Neymar
But the news spread so quickly that nobody believed what PewPew said until the PSG player actually went online.

Neymar Jr Game Streaming

As if that weren’t enough, PewPew was also excited to share “TFT, Neymar is old! In football, it depends on the field…”. As for Teamfight Tactics, it’s really hard for anyone to top Pew Pew’s day and night research.
PewPew mentions NeymarNeymar's shooting game live
Learning that Neymar decided to sign an exclusive streamer deal due to his passion for video games, Innnewyorkcity VN shared: “Playing games has always been one of my greatest passions and I want to share the joy and same passion for people. Falling in love with like-minded friends on Facebook.”

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