Ngoc Trinh and a string of truth telling minutes made the online community fall behind

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She is the “infamous” queen of Vietnamese showbiz with a string of love scandals. Recently, Ngoc Trinh “surprised” netizens with a series of confessions related to “green tea”, stimulant use and even “bedtime stories”.

Born in 1989 but to date, Ngoc Trinh is still one of the most expensive models in the Vietnamese entertainment industry with a salary of up to billion dongs.
When was Ngoc Trinh born?
How much is Ngoc Trinh's Sand?
Thanks to active artistic activities: filming, going to events, shooting advertisements, etc. In addition, the cosmetics store is also quite convenient. At present, Ngoc Trinh owns a huge fortune, including real estate, diamonds, cars, brands,… Art activities get a lot of attention, but the private life of the “underwear queen” doesn’t get much attention. so much “noticed”. This can be information found by the online community or information shared by the owner.
Ngoc Trinh's personal life
For example, recently Ngoc Trinh very openly shared a bunch of information about personal life. At a party with friends and at a game, telling 100% the truth is essential. “Queen of Lingerie” Ngoc Trinh had many truths to admit and post on social media herself.
Ngoc Trinh Queen of Lingerie
Ngoc Trinh and shocking statements

Specifically in-game, anyone who has ever experienced any of the things listed below must flick a finger down. Facts Ngoc Trinh admitted include: she used to be a “little Tamme”, used to “sleep” with 3+ people, used to kiss a same-sex friend and was cheated on by her boyfriend when she met him. Remarkably, she happily admitted that she had smoked and used drugs.
Ngoc Trinh kidnapped her husband
Ngoc Trinh lingerie photo
All the things she admitted made waves on social media, with the online community saying that both small taming and stimulant use are all negative things to be happy about. and show”. Many people also believe that their public stance like this will affect more or less young people – especially young fans of Ngoc Trinh.
Ngoc Trinh scandal
After many scandals related to love, the fact that the lingerie queen is going public with her love story has caused netizens to stir and pay her more “interest”. >>> More: Dianka Zakhidova – Goalkeeper Bui Tien Dung’s sexy pink ball

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