Nguyen Sin: In the case of Trang Nem, the situation is very tense

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After the Trang Nem restaurant incident, Nguyen Sin had a hidden status line. Notably, the male YouTuber reiterated that this fight is no longer just an ordinary fight…

Nguyen Sin shared the Trang Nem case, the situation was extremely tense

The Trang Nemo and Nguyen My Incident The incident that took place between Trang Nemo and Tran My on January 16 did not stop there. The core is about Khanh’s looks and the “physical impact” of the people of Trang Wem. More specifically, Khanh is the wife of a tycoon in District 8, a giant with blood on his face. Nguyen Sin then took the step to share the “situation” as follows:
Nguyen sinShare from male youtuber “The case of Nemo Neon or something, although the essence of the story is that sisters fight, tonight the gangsters between the districts are all mixed up. One side spends money to take care of things, the other side cleans up. Wait for the police to pull aside to pull over, it’s so tense!”
Nguyen SinThe giants of District 8 and his wife – Mrs. Khanh It seems that the story of the fighting sisters is no longer the only one. Just hope that the situation is under control so that unexpected things don’t happen. Follow Innnewyorkcity VN to quickly update Nemo Page news and understand more Nguyen Sin hidden words.

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