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Bai Trang Nha Trang is a unique beautiful landscape indistinguishable from other beaches. What attracts tourists to Bai Trang Nha Trang?

Nha Trang Painting Beach Attract tourists with unique landscape and natural scenery. There are also many interesting sea games that you should not miss. Please quickly record the necessary information for your Baichang trip below. And get ready for a journey full of new experiences!

1. What is Nha Trang Beach?

Bai Trang Nha Trang is a 500 meter long beach on Myu Island in Nha Trang Bay, which has a very special landscape. thus dividing the bank into two with white sand on one side and gravel on the other surrounded by towering mountains and trees This contrast has turned the elephant leaf beach into a beautiful place of natural beauty, wild and romantic. Nha Trang travel It attracts tourists from all over the world.

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2. When do you come to Bai Trang, Nha Trang?

The terrain of Bai Trang Nha Trang gradually softens, so it is safe for visitors. So visitors can come here at any time of the year but, The most beautiful time in Bai Truong is from February to September. Dry, cool and easy to move

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If you are planning a trip to Nha Trang. You’ll need to adjust your usage time from February to September. Also, to save money on your trip, you’ll need to “carry” your luggage. Travel Experience Nha Trang Self-sufficient SUPER SAVE 2021These little experiences will definitely help you ‘make money’!

3. Go to Nha Trang Beach

To get to Nha Trang beach, you need to follow three steps:

  • Step 1: Move from residence to Nha Trang

It depends on the distance from where you are staying to Nha Trang and the available transportation options. You can choose to move to Nha Trang by plane, train, bus or motorbike.

  • Step 2: Move from the city center to Binh Truong Wharf.

From Nha Trang city center You can take a motorbike taxi or private car to Vinh Truong Port. Roots are: from the south of Tran Phu to Vinpearl Cable Car Port – Vo Thi Sau Street – Vinh Truong Port.

  • Step 3: Move from Binh Truong Port to Bai Chang

To Binh Truong port, hire a boat or canoe to go straight to Bai Chang, the price of renting a boat or canoe is 150,000 VND – 200,000 VND / person.

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4. Where will you stay when traveling to Bai Trang Nha Trang?

Nha Trang is a beautiful coastal city, attracting a lot of domestic and international tourists every year. Therefore, there are many types of hotels for visitors to choose from depending on their personal preferences, but visitors should choose to stay in the Nha Trang hotel/resort system. Due to the convenience of traveling between Nha Trang beach and other famous tourist destinations Vinpearl Nha Trang.

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Vinpearl Nha Trang owns a system of 5-star standard hotels and resorts in a prime location convenient for moving between Bai Truong and interesting attractions of the city. All of our hotels and resorts are fully equipped. Professional service quality and level To ensure a perfect and enjoyable getaway for our visitors.

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If you worry that the resort price at Vinpearl Nha Trang is too high, don’t worry, Vinpearl Nha Trang has a stable supply of service packages. combo, voucher, Nha Trang tour with special attractive prices You and your family can relax and have fun while saving money.

Be sure to prepare all the necessary information when you go. travel to Nha Trang Refer to Nha Trang tours before starting the trip to save time. You can still visit and enjoy many interesting places!

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5. What is attractive about Bai Trang Nha Trang?

We have heard a lot about Bai Tranh Nha Trang, but what exactly is the attraction of this place?

5.1.Visit Tri Nguyen Aquarium on Bai Trang, Nha Trang

Tri Nguyen Aquarium, also known as Tri Nguyen Aquarium on Hon Myu Island, about 2 km from the coast of Nha Trang, visitors can travel by boat or canoe in about 10 minutes, was established in the 1970s and is now home to hundreds of rare individuals. Marine. including sea turtles

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In addition to Triguyen aquarium, tourists can also visit. Vinpearl Aquarium Nha Trang located in the population VinWonders Nha Trang at Hontle Island With an area of ​​up to 3,400 square meters and a dynamic dome tunnel design. It gives visitors an interesting experience like walking on the deep sea floor.

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5.2 Relax and stroll along the beaches of Bai Trang Nha Trang

sure! When coming to Bai Chang, you will miss relaxing activities such as walking on the white sand, pebble beach and listening to the sound of waves lapping like a love song of the sea. If you have a chance Don’t miss the sunrise and sunset at Bai Chang! The perfect combination of sunlight the color of the sun And the image of the fishing boat creates a beautiful picture. Perfect beauty is only apparent when you see it with your own eyes.

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5.3. Check in Virtual Life on Soi Beach, Bai Trang, Nha Trang

The reason it is called Soi beach is because there is no sand here, only gravel. Bai Soi is also an interesting place. Nha Trang Painting BeachHere, visitors can participate in scuba diving activities on the nearby cliffs. and see the colorful coral reefs sparkling under the crystal clear water.

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5.4.Explore the fishing village near Bai Trang Nha Trang tourist area

Head southwest of Hon Mieu and you’ll come to a traditional fishing village. They live by farming and catching seafood, so this is a must-visit place for seafood ‘believers’. The seafood here is caught and processed by our own hands, so it is very fresh and very cheap.

So if you are still wondering What should Nha Trang play? Afterwards, visit a fishing village and immerse yourself in the daily life of its people!

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5.5 Join attractive games at Bai Trang Nha Trang

The attractive and interesting games that received many compliments from Nha Trang Beach reviews include Water Moto, Parachute, Snorkeling and Banana Float.

  • water motor

Water motorcycling is a sport for those who love thrills, love to conquer and discover new things. There is always a guide to ensure the safety of visitors when participating in this game.

  • do you fly?

Flying parachute is also an interesting experience when you come to Nha Trang beach. Participating in this activity allows visitors to see the beautiful island from above. It is a completely different perspective, impressive, far-reaching and comprehensive.

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  • floating bananas

Banana float is an interesting game on Nha Trang beach. Banana float has 5 seats, visitors wear life jackets and sit on the buoys tied to the boat by a very strong cable, don’t miss it!

  • dive

Snorkeling is one of Bai Chang’s most popular experiences. This activity is suitable for all types of visitors. And you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your lifeguard is always by your side.

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6. What to eat at Bai Trang Nha Trang?

  • Noodles with fish cake

Fish noodle at Bai Tranh Nha Trang looks simple and nothing special. Amazingly, once you try it, you’ll never forget Tsumire Noodles, which is a dashi broth made by simmering fresh fish bones. The bowl of vermicelli has only broth, vermicelli, kamaboko and herbs. But it’s also enough to make your stomach growl!

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  • fake jellyfish

It is a pity to come to Nha Trang without eating jellyfish noodles. Jellyfish noodle soup has a light sweet taste, not fishy and very fragrant. The jellyfish is tough, chews very well, jellyfish vermicelli has the taste of fish sauce, chili sauce, and spicy spicy satay.

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  • canned cake

Rice flour is the main ingredient. and cans of grapes filled with meat, shrimp, mushrooms, eggs, squid, … dipped in a bowl of sweet and sour dipping sauce. It is a specialty of the Chubu region that is loved by many young people.

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  • wet cake

Been traveling to Bai Chang all day but still don’t know. What to eat in Nha Trang Then, stop at a roadside shop to enjoy Khanh Hoa’s rustic wet cake. The cup of dipping sauce speaks of the deliciousness of the wet cake. The dipping sauce should be garlic fish sauce or fish sauce made from fish fillets. Enjoy grilled beef, spring rolls, spring rolls and fresh vegetables in wet cake dipped with aromatic dipping sauce.

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7. Notes when traveling to Bai Dai Nha Trang

  • Tickets to Bai Dai Nha Trang cost 50,000 VND for adults and 25,000 VND for children (ticket price includes beach loungers and loungers).
  • Visitors are required to wear life jackets and fully equipped with protective gear to ensure safe swimming, especially for children.
  • When traveling to Nha Trang beach, you should also bring sunscreen and a hat to protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun when outdoors.

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Bai Tranh Nha Trang is an interesting and attractive tourist destination that is worth a visit. When coming here for entertainment, tourists should remember and choose to stay at prestigious and quality resorts like Vinpearl Nha Trang.

Vinpearl Nha Trang Not just a 5-star hotel / resort system that provides professional services. but also provide regular service Voucher, Combo, Tour Nha Trang offers attractive accommodation and related facilities, fully meeting your important holiday needs and providing a variety of fascinating experiences for visitors.

>>> See more vouchers, combos and Nha Trang tours to save money for a more complete trip!

Nha Trang Painting Beach

Especially, Vinpearl has applied the program. Pearl club member Including benefits with 1-0-2 exclusively for cardholders and relatives:

  • free 02 The whole system / hotel / accommodation
  • Discount up to ten percent Room Rates, five% Sightseeing and experience prices
  • arrive 50% Food service and field fees
  • Free card opening, free card maintenance

>>> Urgent need, limited number of Pearl Club Cards. Find out and sign up for the open trial now. Enjoy the exclusive resort facilities in the Vinpearl ecosystem.

interesting journey Nha Trang Painting Beach Yours is complete and memorable!

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