Only 10 airlines worldwide achieve the 5-star standard

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Since 1999, when Skytrax began rating the world’s airlines with stars, only 10 airlines have achieved the top rating of 5-star airlines.

In 2022, this list includes 10 airlines: ANA All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, EVA Air, Garuda Indonesia, Hainan Airlines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines.

Notably missing from this list are Middle Eastern names like Emirates and Etihad, which have always excelled in providing luxury services to the elite. For many people, the fantasy of a 5-star flight experience includes expensive champagne, caviar and luxury accessories… However, the airline reality can be very different. , the commercial aviation rating system is made up of many factors, and luxury is only a very small part of it. What does “5-star airline” actually mean? Many factors come into play including cabin quality, service, amenities, etc. So when you fly with any of these airlines, you can expect a simply enjoyable experience. than other airlines.

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Airlines are rated based on 20.36 million surveys and the highest rating is 5 stars. The score is based on factors such as in-flight service, ground service, airport… including 500-800 sub-criteria of airport service at the airline’s hub and the above standards. Airplanes Although rated 4 stars, it is possible that the shortcomings of these Middle Eastern airlines are related to the overall experience and not the flight. When COVID-19 hit, Skytrax created a fairly new rating system that focused on pandemic experiences with contactless technology apps, social distancing, and how to interact with customers in the process. Check-in, boarding and landing. Hard Products “Hard products” describe physical things in flight – things like airplanes, seats, in-flight entertainment, etc. These are things that cannot easily be “replaced” and repaired by anyone, neither the crew nor the airline itself. Of course, hard products are an important aspect of airline ratings, because many passengers have trouble remembering that. While not a common concern for most travelers, aircraft type and even age can affect the quality of your inflight service, especially when it comes to seating. Many 5-star airlines fly long-haul flights and therefore their planes are equipped to make these flights relatively comfortable. Comparing three of these airlines (Singapore Airlines, ANA and Qatar Airways), the majority of them operate wide-body aircraft, including Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 777, Airbus A350 and A380 double-decker. That means better seats, higher ceilings and more space above the cabin. Aircraft maintenance is also an important factor in determining whether an airline’s hardware products live up to 5-star expectations. So in theory, these 5-star airlines should have neat seats, great in-flight entertainment, and clean restrooms.

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Elegant Entertainment Inflight amenities are also considered a difficult product, so the 5-star airline keeps innovating to satisfy the passengers. . Soft Products It is with soft products or variable amenities that 5-star airlines really make their mark. These products start with the ground and customer service; The passenger experience can become much more enjoyable when the airline invests in the flight preparation process.

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5-star lounge. Five-star airlines, especially at domestic airports, often offer above-average service. This is even more common when flying any class of ticket; Premium check-in services, speedy security checks and luxurious lounges await business class or resort travelers.

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For 5-star airlines, their seat class is judged on the quality of low-cost products such as in-flight service, hospitality and food. Typically, 5-star airlines are world-renowned for the hospitality of their flight attendants; They often advertise in one form or another the rigorous training that the crew goes through to reach the 5 star standard.

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