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The 8 Best STARLING PROOF Bird Feeders! (w/ pics)


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What is the BEST bird food to keep starfish in?

Invading birds cause all kinds of problems. But I think if you’re reading this, you already know.

I think the biggest problem is the number of starlings that tend to appear together. These ferocious animals deter other species while taking care of all the bird’s precious food.

Furthermore, they seem to be the only species that can handle and feed birds! What happened to the rule that you don’t “know” what you’re eating?

A good solution is to find bird feeders who cannot use starlings.

But this task is easier said than done. Just think:

The right feeder allows other songbirds to feed freely, while preventing starlings from eating all your seeds!

Below you will find a list of bird feeders that will prevent or help prevent starlings from entering your feeder. Let me know in the COMMENTS section at the end if you find another loader that also works.

8 best starling foods

The best starling food

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The Absolute II is one of the favorites around bird feeders and a great centerpiece for a bird station.

How do these feeders prevent starlings?

The perch is weight sensitive and closes when anything exceeds a certain weight. A starling should have no problem landing on a perch to eat. But Absolute II prevents the starlings from sitting there together and eating all the food.

Here’s a video showing how the weight-sensitive bar works:

* You can often see this starling proof feeder on a bird feeder! – Watch LIVE here *

Here are some other reasons I recommend Absolute II.

  • This large hopper feeder is where I place my general bird seed mix (sunflower, pea, safflower and white millet) designed to attract a wide variety of species. I love that it holds up to 12 pounds of bird food!
  • Easy to fill and clean. The top is easy to open to open.
  • The seeds are protected from rain. I have had no problems with seeds rotting due to moisture or humidity.
  • The poles can be adjusted for different weight sensitivities, allowing you to keep large and medium-sized birds out. It also protects from squirrels!

starling feeder

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Just by looking at this bird feeder, you will know how to scare away starlings!

The box in the cage measures 1.5 x 1.5 inches, too small for a starling to fit, except perhaps for the occasional young. This allows for the smallest songbirds, such as sparrows, sparrows and chickens. Your bird should have no problem flying through the new metal cage.

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Note that this food will also discourage ALL larger birds such as cardinals, jays, pigeons, and partridges.

This particular feeder holds about 1.25 pounds of bird food and has 4 feeders.

suet loader is not recommended for large birds

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A standard suet feeder can be a magnet for larger fireflies, especially starlings. They love most types of suet!

And when starlings gather together, woodpeckers tend to stay away. This is unacceptable as woodpeckers are my favorite birds to attract and monitor my feeders.

Fortunately, there is a solution:

To avoid clichés but still feed them, try using an upside down suet feeder!

The reason it works is because the only way to eat suet is to hang it upside down. Woodpeckers can accomplish this feat without any difficulty, but starlings (and starlings) not so much! Flutes can be a little sweet, but they won’t stop and eat all the cake in a few hours.

The biggest problem I have with this loader is helping the woodpeckers find them! But I came up with a strategy that you can watch in the video below:

My woodpeckers are used to feeding from a cage suet feeder, which houses your white suet. I hung this tray from the bottom of the suet tray in the hope that they would look up and see the delicious suet on top (the suet in the tray had peanuts and sunflowers). The good news is that this strategy works in a matter of hours!

As a side note, starlings don’t like to eat fat simply with the addition of peanuts, sunflower seeds, or corn. That’s why I only choose white suet for the hanging cage feeder, but the reverse feeder has suet with nuts and seeds, and the bigger the sunflower, the more aggressive the birds want to eat.

This cage feeder is a great solution if starlings don’t want to leave your suet feeder alone!food star star star lawsuit evidence

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Starlings cannot extend their bodies past the exoskeleton to reach the suet.

One disadvantage is that only smaller woodpeckers, such as the Dove Woodpecker, can enter it. Most larger woodpeckers will not be able to reach the suet.

  • This feeder holds two wheels, which means there’s plenty of fat for all the little birds to eat! Be patient as it will take some time for your bird to learn that it needs to be in the cage to eat.
  • The all-metal design and screw cap make it a low-maintenance option for suet feeders.
  • You can see two stars constantly stretching their necks to bite the food. But don’t worry, this feeder will stop starlings from spawning once and destroying fat in a few hours!
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Best Hummingbird Food - Plastic

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Hummingbird feeders are proof why starlings don’t drink nectar!

These invasive birds will ignore all hummingbird feeders and go elsewhere!

  • Hummzinger has a simple disc design that works well and is popular.
  • Easy to clean, and no leaks!

  • This product is my favorite hummingbird feeder I’ve ever owned. It’s cheap without the hassle or annoyance AND attracts hummingbirds! It just works!

Before buying a hummingbird feeder, you should realize that hummingbird feeding can be a commitment. You need to change the sugar water regularly, or your hummingbird could get sick!

Grid Screen Feeder

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Nyjer is very good to use because the flute does not eat. I am a seed too small to cause trouble. In addition, the design of this screen feeder makes it difficult to enter invoices.

This anti-flute feeder is ideal for attracting goldfinch! I love seeing them hanging around for seeds. I counted up to nine birds eating at once!

  • It is made entirely of metal. Due to its all-metal design, it is resistant to damage from squirrels (and other animals).
  • In the picture above you will see two baffles inside the mesh tube. This feature helps to distribute the seeds evenly in the feeder and provides a larger surface area for the sparrows to eat.
  • Very easy to clean! Round up and down instantly.
  • In the bottom of the tray, there is a small hole drilled to help drain the water. Seeds get wet when it rains due to the open design but dries quickly. Be sure to replace the uneaten seeds after about two weeks (depending on the weather).

a bunch of seeds to feed the green jay

Songbird Essentials Peanut Wreath Buy Now / View Price

As the name suggests, bead wreaths are used to keep the seeds still in the shell. This type of feeding is especially appealing to Blue Jays, who love to pick up nuts and flies for personal use.

food repels the stars

These feeders scare away starlings because they can’t open nuts! Just look at their bill and you’ll see that most of them are designed to catch and eat insects. The peanut shell is hard, the inside is very difficult to break.

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I don’t usually take this seed machine out in the summer when there’s a lot of squeaking in my yard. Grackles also love nuts, and a large gathering can make a bouquet of flowers in less than a day! In winter, Blue Jays are less competitive for nuts and are often joined by mes and chickadees.

#8. Any feeder with safflower seeds!

Safflower seeds to ward off starling

This is a small bonus, because you don’t actually have to buy a special feed to use this advice.

Safflower seeds themselves seem to be a very good proof!

They’ll forgo these “miracle seeds” for something else, which means safflower-loving birds (cardinals, jays, chicks, nuthatch, grosbeaks, titmice, pigeons, and sparrows) ) will have a chance to be eaten in peace.

  • Safflower seeds are small enough for most food to work. Tube feeders, hoppers, and even trays are all good options for these seeds.
  • The pods are smaller than black oil or striped sunflower seeds. They are smaller and lighter so they are easier to throw or break. Less clutter means less cleaning and more time enjoying the birds!
  • In addition to starlings, squirrels and sparrows also tend to avoid safflower seeds, making them a good choice to avoid many nuisance animals that repel birds they want to see.

Final thoughts on starling feeders:

As you can see, I strongly believe in avoiding starling for real birds. We hope this list provides some perfect additions to your backyard.

But the stars are formidable enemies. They are not easily defeated, and they will not leave free food and are easily obtained without fighting! Combining several of these feeders will give you the best chance of avoiding a garden full of flutes.

Which starling machine has proven to be the best for you?

Leave a comment below!

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