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When should you plant MILKWEED seeds? (so they survive)


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In my opinion, Milkweed should not be overgrown in your garden.

when sowing grass seed

Not only do they bloom beautifully, but these native plants are also great for wildlife. I’m sure you’ve heard the importance of Earrings to monarch butterflies, because that’s the only plant their caterpillars will eat!

The cheapest way to have more Earrings in your garden is to grow it from seed. Buying mature plants from a garden center can be very expensive.

But now that you have the seed, a very common question arises:

When Should You Plant Earring Seeds?

Honestly, when I first knew the answer, I was a bit surprised!

The best time to sow Milkweed seeds is fall.

This is surprising since I am used to planting vegetable seeds, such as tomatoes, indoors in the spring.

But Earrings are native to North America and have evolved to thrive in colder temperatures. In fact, the reason you should plant seeds in the fall is because of the cold weather!

To germinate in spring, Earring seeds need freezing temperatures and thaw in winter, combined with moisture.

As you can see, because of this fact, you should sow the Earring seeds in the fall. So find the perfect spot for your Earring and plant the seeds in the ground before the ground freezes!

Most species of milkweed should be planted in sunny locations with fertile soil. Then the seeds should be slightly buried in the soil (I put them about the length of a fingernail). Now you just have to wait until spring to see your plants sprout and start growing.

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And remember that these native plants are perennials and regrow every year.

But what if you want to plant seeds indoors in the spring?

grass seed

Although the best time to sow Earring seeds is fall, it can be done in spring.

But first you have to get the seeds through something called artificial stratification. The process is when you simulate the effects of winter by placing the seeds on damp paper towels and placing them in the refrigerator. If you just keep the seeds in a warm, dry place, such as your house, they won’t grow! Earring seeds Need cool weather to stimulate germination.

Once the Earring seeds are properly prepared, they can be sown indoors about 4 to 8 weeks before the expected final frost. If your young plants are exposed to frost, they may die. So it is very important not to move them outside until the weather warms up.

Have you had any luck growing Milkweed seeds?

If so, please share your best tips below!

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