PewDiePie Controversial: “LoL Wouldn’t Exist Without Dota”

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At the last talk show, PewDiePie – a popular YouTuber with more than 111 million followers – caused heated discussions in the Dota and League of Legends fan base.

PewDiePie’s controversial statement

Speaking about Dota, PewDiePie made a rather surprising statement: “We play Dota the most. You owe everything to Dota, LoL wouldn’t exist without Dota.” The statement of this hundred million followers YouTuber was then widely shared on social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Reddit.

Some people think that Dota is gradually later orienting the entire generation of moba games. But there are also many opinions that claim that League of Legends is still thriving without Dota.
Returning to PewDiePie, the Swedish-born YouTuber released a video in 2021 where he talked about the games that “defined” him. In particular, Dota was an irreplaceable name during his childhood.
Back then, the Dota fan base also shared the song “Dota” by Swedish singer Basshunter. And that makes PewDiePie love this game more than ever.
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