Pho Lo Duc Thin is both strange and familiar at Vinpearl.

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The famous Lo Duc Thin Pho is newly modified at Vinpearl with the flavor of 5 continents, including wagyu beef. dangerous chili fried shrimp and bamboo chicken. But it has a unique taste.

“King” of Pho Hanoi

Pho Thin Lo Duc has been a favorite dish of Hanoi people for decades, artisan Nguyen Trong Thin said that a standard bowl of pho must have all the colors, aromas, flavors and flavors of Hanoi cuisine: rich broth. , crispy and chewy. -3 pieces of beef, fresh onion, ginger and chili.

Nguyen Trong Tinh is a master of art but passionate about cooking. Pho in particular, born in 1952 on Lo Dac Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi, struggled to go all the way down the S-shaped road. He created the famous pho brand Pho Thin Lo Duc which he created. called pho. “Energy secret” to both enjoy the taste of the dish and “must” in the selection and preliminary processing of ingredients.

The combination of talent and creativity of Pho master Nguyen Trong Tinh and the chefs of Vinpearl has raised the level of dishes to a new level. ‘Country Pho’ for domestic and international tourists

Combine Vinpearl nutrition with Fortin essence.

Pho Thin and the owner of Vinpearl have jointly built an exclusive franchise agreement, in order to preserve, develop and promote the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine at Vinpearl, and at the same time teach special recipes, which are prepared by the experts. Artisan Trong Singh goes to hotels and resorts. fire and techniques directly to the chef.

At Vinpearl, every chef has to follow strict requirements and procedures, from waking up early in the morning to manually select fresh ingredients and standing by the kitchen for hours to cook delicious soups.

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Broth is the “soul” of pho hot pot, but for delicious pho requires delicate ingredients. And served fresh every day at the resort.

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Meticulously arranged in a bowl of pho, the “national soul” dish was served for the first time at Vinpearl as a special highlight dubbed the “Phoenix of Vinpearl” off Lo Duc Street of the whole country. provide rich flavors to attract diners.

Vinpearl Five Luc The Style of Four Tin Roast Duck Changed

Pho Lo Tinh Duck is famous for its delicious taste. Currently, Vinpearl’s chef team has had some changes. Create new flavors with a wide selection of Vietnamese and international gourmets.

Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81 is famous for its Skyscraper noodle soup made from expensive imported ingredients. Australian beef is simmered for about two days to create a delicious, full-bodied soup. until cooked to maintain flavor. Combine with Sympho’s ginger, garlic and green onions.

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Located on the 66th floor of Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81 hotel, the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia, Oriental Pearl restaurant’s ‘Skyscraper Bowl’ offers an unforgettable experience for all diners.

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Each Vinpearl resort offers a different Shin Lo duck noodle dish inspired by local cuisine. If you go to coastal resorts or Vinpearl Hotel, you can eat pho with fresh seafood, if you go to Vinpearl Hotel Tai Ninh, you can try beef noodle soup with butter sauce. Dangerous Bamboo Chicken Pho and Vinpearl Hotel in Can Tho City.

Especially at Vinpearl Phu Quoc Complex, diners can also enjoy the best 1-0-2 lobster soup served at the seaside restaurant. Delicious, succulent spiny lobsters wrapped in a sweet savory broth and local ingredients. Also the taste and appearance is pleasant.

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Vinpearl strives to raise the bar Enjoy this “national pho” in a luxurious space, rich in regional flavors. While keeping the “quintessence” of the famous Thin Lo Duc pho, the presence of Vinpearl pho stalls across Vietnam has contributed to spreading and preserving the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine with an irresistible delicious taste.


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