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More than a trip The recent Phu Quoc discovery has left me and my family with sweet aftertaste and many memorable things!

Travel to explore Phu Quoc island The past holds a precious reward for itself. Because I am the mother of two children. Many people say that as soon as they hear it. My youth is over. And I spent my time on diapers, milk, spelling, tuition and daily meals, however, as a wife and mother, Rong Kung accompanied him throughout his precious journey. its price. I chose to enter youth.

Fishing ball through the window – leaving the youth unattended.

Let’s start with the icon above. I want to answer a few questions.

  1. Do you have a little angel 1, 2 or 3?
  2. Do you spend all your time with your kids, family or work?
  3. Are you worried about your child’s illness and doing anything weird to protect them?
  4. Or have you ever hid in a corner crying for yourself and forgotten about yourself?

You probably answered yes to at least one of the four questions above. For me it used to be true of everything. And if I do not change the answer to the last two questions in time of my youth, “Caught fish out of the window”, regret the time that passed between my hands. My regretful childhood never again in my life

In fact Time and the wheel of life do not always allow us to calmly look back. But these allow us to implement solutions. to use to get the perfect answer

Kate Douglas Wiggin “takes care” of me by saying, “There’s something wonderful about moving forward. Then it came back and completely changed.” Pierre Bernardo said. “Going is to grow.” So I encouraged myself and myself. Taking the family on the first trip after marriage This trip is called Long Cong and is an exploration of Phu Quoc full of memories…

Big Wise from Choice – The first thing right in the journey to discover Phu Quoc.

Pim – My 6 year old eldest always pretends to be old enough to be nicknamed “boy.” And while the Earth is 3/4 water, it is also “one thousandth of the old story” 1/1000 point of view” often said. People are always the land that opens eyes wide. I decided the destination for the whole family is Phu Quoc Pearl Island. Vietnam’s largest island The forces involved in the evolutionary journey include the bride and groom in their seventh year of marriage, a 6-year-old man, a 3-year-old girl, and my youngest daughter, Rin.

pure happiness 2

This was a very quick decision. but as you know it took us seven years to get back on track and welcome two more young members. Needless to say, there are 9981 points to consider. Bringing clothes, accommodation and attractions All affordable, suitable for both adults and children, however, the safety of children is still essential so we chose Vietnam Airlines to catch The beginning of the journey to Phu Quoc.

Lynn said, “Mom, are you worried? I will slap your head! “Pim and Lynn’s eyes sparkled with admiration at the beauty of the sky. And they can’t help but smile when they’re round and excited without blinking.

Phu Quoc pearl island is not only a strange name for domestic and international tourists. but also on the tourist map of Vietnam There are 22 large and small islands in the waters of Phu Quoc. The largest island is Phu Quoc island with an area of ​​567 square kilometers (56,700 ha), the length of Phu Quoc district in Kien Giang province is 50 km, the natural landscape stretches from the North to the South gently. There are 99 mountains and hills and vast rainforests.

happy chastity

When viewed from above, Phu Quoc is not only beautiful with crystal clear blue beaches and coral reefs below are clearly visible. But also thanks to well-invested art services and natural landscapes with daily exploitation, after 2 hours of flight, we ..

great wisdom Learn from great experience

When you come to Phu Quoc Do not miss attractions such as Hon Thom, Hon Mong Tay, Hon Gam Ghi, Hon May Rut at each location. Pim and Lin explore new topics. They enjoyed fishing in Hontom, although it was a small fish, it was fun to sit quietly and observe.

At the end of our first day exploring the satellite islands, we chose Phu Quoc United Center for the remaining two days We stopped hoping that 48 hours would be enough to get from VinWonders, Vinpearl Resort & Spa to Vinpearl Golf, Vinpearl Safari, etc.

Priceless impressions during a visit to VinWonders Phu Quoc

especially when traveling with little ones. Win Wonders Phu QuocStep foot into this wonderland and marvel at your baby’s excitement like never before. As a mother of two, I am also obsessed with the vibrant and bustling atmosphere. Marvel at the colorful world like being lost in a fairy garden.


Old Pole – Father from Hangzhou, China, 3-year-old Simba spent 185 days traveling with his family through 12 countries. Go to the North Pole of the world to see polar bears. “The best way to raise a child is to get acquainted with the outside world. Immerse yourself in nature and learn to experience it. “This trip has let me “absorb” what is shared.

Pim and Lin are like other children at school, when they come home from school, they always ask their mother to watch TV or play with cell phones. Journey to discover Phu QuocWe need to get rid of our bad habits, be quiet and give each other time to build a relationship, it turns out, I nodded.

5. Happy Virgin

Immerse yourself in nature at Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Positive energy never goes out when the two of you are free to explore. Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc The 380-hectare area is home to 140 species of animals, more than 2,000 species of animals and 1,200 species of plants, including two appendages, a wildlife park and an open zoo. Visitors can visit more than 1,000 animals from hundreds of species. including rare and endemic animals

The result is a family story brought to life by the fact that giraffes, zebras, ostriches and peacocks can live together in one population. Hippos live in water 18 hours a day. But they can’t swim. Or witness firsthand how African lion families love each other. Pim and Lynn try their best to be closer to nature. I have worked hard to build a large collection of photo archives for children.

Happy Virgin 6

Surprisingly, the two children remembered everything in detail. Memorize the ethnic opening passage your father read. and interact with children from different countries easily Regardless of language, culture or culture, you can get to know each other and play together. I think we have to learn from the kids.

>>> Book tickets to discover VinWonders Phu Quoc and Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc for many unforgettable experiences.

Watch the sunset at Din Kau

No matter what you do Remember to take the time to check in to watch the sunset at Din Kau cape before leaving this beautiful island. This is the perfect time to soak up the breathtaking natural scenery to fill the memory of the sun and the wind, all wrapped up in a memory basket along with an unforgettable travel experience. Explore Phu Quoc.

7. Virgin

Long Cong from the experience after discovering Phu Quoc United Center

Immerse yourself in the quote Fitzhugh Mullan shared: ‘Don’t worry about potholes in the road. Enjoy the journey’ on your first day in Phu Quoc. Look at the clear blue sky and listen to the sound of the waves. After 7 years of marriage, I want to enjoy a comfortable journey that I have never experienced with my family. So I worry less.

I hope that some of the experiences I have gathered will help you eliminate your worries and improve your taste in life by enhancing your experience:

  • Laughing chin.

Have your baby chew and suck on the train to start the fun journey. This activity can help your baby relieve tinnitus quickly when the plane takes off or lands. Let’s break the rules and normalize everything. Eat, sleep, study, play. Don’t worry or be upset. Let your child experience new foods. and practice how to work together in a fun way

Don’t panic if a sneeze or runny nose persists. Newborns practice their natural adaptations. And sometimes they adapt better than we do.

Happy Virgin 8

Create space for busy kids. Enough space for parents to relax. Unlike traveling with friends, exploring Phu Quoc with your child requires a limited number of destinations. So you have to choose the right travel destination.

Without having to move to many locations, Phu Quoc and Phu Quoc United Center offer a diverse ecosystem for extended families of all ages to experience. My job is to create a place for children to learn on their own. And seeing them laugh is a feast of consolation.

Virgin - Kampa - Phu Quoc

Make your dreams come true The moments the whole family together has become an unforgettable memory for me, thereby incubating thousands of dreams, but more importantly, those dreams have helped me focus. Focus on learning, achieve your goals and be the motivation for them to move forward in Let’s make your dream come to Phu Quoc again and explore places you’ve never been. Phu Quoc United Center.

Strongly overcome mental obstacles My youth grew up like that. and framed myself on TV screens and programs It seemed to erase my childhood and my children’s childhood when we were “industrial chickens” of the animal world, although this is the first time, this trip of ours. Our family marks the beginning of a new journey. Mobilize, explore, learn and create opportunities for each member to open up and change his or her perspective .your family.

It was my valuable experience. What about you, if you know how to appreciate your feelings and love yourself. Don’t be afraid to reward yourself. Phu Quoc discovery journey A lot of interesting things are waiting for you.

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