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If you are looking for a place to vent your sorrows and rekindle your suppressed emotions, then Phu Quoc United Center is the ideal destination. The endless Phu Quoc festival here will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Writer Hemingway once said, “If you are lucky enough to live in Paris as a child, It will be with you wherever you go for life. For Paris is the eternal festival.” For me, if you have the opportunity to come to Phu Quoc, you don’t have to be young, you can leave the memories of your life. Phu Quoc Summer Festival endless

Experience tropical paradise at Phu Quoc Festival

If a festival in Paris includes literature, dance, bourbon or jazz. The festivals in Phu Quoc are filled with warm sunshine, cool breeze, fresh seafood, luxurious accommodation and beautiful locations. Vinpearl Safari, wondrous victory…and now it’s still the music festival, the party, the light, the color, the sound all the time.


Discover more detailed and convenient Phu Quoc travel experiences you need to know to have a complete tour of the pearl island.

Opening the festival with Akatsuki no Mai.

of the Phu Quoc Summer Festival From early morning the red sun will rise above the deep blue sea. The result is vibrant colors that still magically change. We decided to stay at Gun Dau, a famous landmark in the north of the island. Because this is the most beautiful place to watch the sunrise in Phu Quoc.

In Kandau, the sky is almost clear all year round. And there are many ways to see the sunrise. Take a boat to the sea Lying on the white sand, listening to music, or enjoying the sea breeze like us, open the window of Hotel Vinpearl and enjoy the best performance of nature for you.

Phu Quoc

Immerse yourself in endless fun at Phu Quoc United Center

After the first ray of sunshine It’s time to start your journey to choose 1,001 fine dining options in Phu Quoc. live in a busy city You may still be wondering where to go or what to eat today. But not Phu Quoc.

The most impressive highlight of the pearl island lies in the super complex of tourism and entertainment. Phu Quoc Reunification CenterHere playing, shopping and dining is no longer a normal ‘activity’. It is an emotional process.

Phu Quoc

Coming to VinWonders, not only the largest theme park in Southeast Asia, but you will find the excitement and vibrancy that we have long forgotten.

arrive corona casino Trying to find my own hidden charm You can even win a ‘no less’ gift that Phu Quoc sends. As you float along the ‘miniature Venice’ gondola in the heart of the Grand World and listen to a poignant opera. you did not miss the water You are thinking about the most romantic memories of your life. You will think for yourself.


“Paradise” has many definitions. But when coming to Phu Quoc You and I feel really refreshed in our souls. bring back unforgettable memories Then we have to get closer to “Paradise”.

Phu Quoc is not just a resort paradise. Must be an unforgettable party with lights and sounds for 356 days, a city that never sleeps. Phu Quoc Reunification Center Continuously there are hundreds of large and small shows. The never-ending highlight of the Phu Quoc festival is the grand art party. Vietnamese nature.


The quintessence of Vietnam – where traditional Vietnamese values ​​reign.

For me it is very special. a few years ago When I went to Ibiza, Spain, a relatively small island. but always fascinated by the festival of Tuong to the beautiful scenery of Phu Quoc, the pearl island, but… it doesn’t take time. Retaining customers for a long time due to lack of experience

When I heard about Japanese people coming to Yokohama and Hokkaido and being fascinated by their culture. I’m a bit jealous because our Vietnamese identity is not inferior but not properly expressed. And now with “The Essence of Vietnam”, the epic of Vietnamese culture. We have the right to live with the pure experience of Dong Ah’s soul and proudly introduce it to international friends.


Vietnamese nature It is the region’s premier cultural show. With a splendid staging that blends art, sound, light and the unique setting of hundreds of artisans and craftsmen. All in all, it creates an extremely impressive cultural contemplation space that makes visitors admire.


The program makers have also been meticulous in arranging 14-meter high bamboo rows covering the entire event space, reminding visitors of the old days when the land of Aolak lived.

In this way, the fascinating and poetic nature of the Phu Quoc chain fascinates us. Leave behind the sadness and bring unforgettable memories on the journey. Phu Quoc Summer Festival There is no end! In addition, if you have ever been to Phu Quoc United Center, I am sure that these will also be unforgettable experiences.

Book a tour and experience today and immerse yourself in the Paradise festival space with the pearl island, don’t forget to hunt for many attractive vouchers and combos to make the trip more complete!

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