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Phu Quoc Nail Island is an attractive and attractive tourist destination that is largely still unspoiled. Thus preserving the natural beauty, freedom, depth and mystery of the island.

Phu Quoc island Blue sea water Beautiful white sand beach stretching under the cool green coconut groves. and pure beauty from start to finish

1. Where is Nail Island Phu Quoc?

Nail Island Phu Quoc is located in the population of Duong Hoa commune, Kien Luong district, south of Phu Quoc island, off the coast of Kien Giang province, between Barua and Hai Tac islands.

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Phu Quoc Nail Island is sparsely populated. hiding from the sea And with a few ships passing by, the island remains untouched by human activities and retains much of its natural beauty. destinations visited and touched by tourists

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2. When is the best season to travel to Montai Phu Quoc island?

according to my experience Phu Quoc Tourism from exiled believers The best time to visit Phu Quoc Island is from November to April every year., during the dry season The weather will be clear and dry. And the temperature on the island ranges from 25 to 28 degrees Celsius, comfortable and perfect for sightseeing, exploring and playing activities.

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To explore and learn more about Phu Quoc’s Neil Island in a complete and meaningful way. Choosing the right accommodation is very important. You can consider buying a Phu Quoc tour with many attractive offers on vouchers, combos, rooms and facilities. and attractions on the official website of Vinpearl

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3. Move to Phu Quoc Nail Island

Going to Koh Mong Tai Phu Quoc Island You must travel to Phu Quoc Island first. Then go from Phu Quoc to Phu Quoc Island.

3.1. Phu Quoc Tourism

There are several ways to get to Phu Quoc.

  • For those of you far away: Planes, sleeper buses and trains are all convenient means of transportation. It’s easy to schedule and there are many airlines to choose from. This place is suitable for tourists traveling long distances.
  • For nearby tourists: You can choose by car. This is a suitable choice for travelers with self-sufficient backpacking experience who want to set out to explore Phu Quoc.

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3.2.Nel Phu Quoc Island Tourism

To go from Phu Quoc center to Montai island Take Nguyen Trung Truc street to Duong Dong bypass and take 47 minutes along DT47, Nguyen Ngan, D.46 to An Thoi wharf.

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4. Good hotel, good price in Phu Quoc when traveling to Hon Mong Tay.

Phu Quoc Island is an attractive destination for tourists because there are many beautiful islands and diverse tourism services. As a first-class hotel, the hotels/resorts in the Vinpearl Phu Quoc system are more chosen by tourists thanks to the quality of facilities. Resort services and many types of entertainment

Vinpearl Phu Quoc is located in the North of Phu Quoc Island, not Mont Tai Island. You will enjoy comfortable services and quality rooms in 7 5-star hotels that you can experience. In addition, staying at Vinpearl Phu Quoc allows you to combine entertainment and visit attractions and amusement parks in the center of Phu Quoc conveniently.

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World-class resort Vinpearl Phu Quoc This place is currently the most attractive destination in Phu Quoc, with many beautiful natural scenes, many sacred virtual check-in corners, giving visitors many interesting experiences in the hotel system.

  • Vinholidays Fiesta Phu Quoc

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  • Vinpearl Discovery Greenhill Phu Quoc

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  • Vinpearl Discovery Wonder World Phu Quoc

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  • Vinpearl Resort & Golf Phu Quoc

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  • Vinpearl Discovery Coastal Land Phu Quoc

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  • Win Oasis Phu Quoc

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  • Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc

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Vinpearl Phu Quoc resort system is located in a super complex of resorts and entertainment. Phu Quoc United CenterIt is an attractive destination for visitors to experience “one stop” entertainment 24/24 with thousands of entertainment programs. Resort and shopping ecosystem And international standard resort / hotel system that saves money. Win the wonder of Phu Quoc – The largest theme park in Vietnam In addition, Vinpearl Safari, wonderful worldCorona 5 star casino… offers a unique experience.

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5. What’s fun in Phu Quoc Nail Island?

5.1. Swimming in Phu Quoc, Leb . Island

Phu Quoc Nail Island stands out with its beautiful blue beaches. Long and white sandy beach This makes this place an attractive beach destination for many tourists to take a dip in the clear blue water, forget about worries and fatigue.

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Visitors have fun in the water at Hon Nui Tai (Photo Credit: @thuhoai134)
In addition to the enchanting natural beauty. This place also attracts visitors with many interesting experiences such as fishing, catching crabs and watching the rich marine ecosystem under the clear water.

5.2 Discover the beauty of nature on Phu Quoc island, Montai

Phu Quoc Island has clear blue water. long white sand beach quiet area close to forest nature and fresh beauty attracts tourists at first sight

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5.3. Scuba diving experience

When you come to Phu Quoc Island Don’t miss the snorkeling experience. Rent a diving suit to see the beauty of the coral reefs right under the sea.
You can touch the coral and swim with the beautiful little fish in the beautiful green algae.

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5.4.Participate in many interesting and fun activities.

Phu Quoc Nail Island is the place where many interesting and entertaining activities take place. Come here for fishing, scuba diving, swimming, sightseeing, BBQ party, camping, dancing by the campfire. See the stars at night…

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5.5 Watch the romantic Phu Quoc sunset on Nairu island

The most beautiful scene in Hong Mong Tai Phu Quoc is when the sun goes down. The sun’s rays slowly set down from the sea, blending golden colors with the romantic blue sky.

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5.6.Check out the islands around Montai

Mong Tay Island Phu Quoc is located in An Toi archipelago, close to other famous islands of Phu Quoc such as Mong Tay island, Dam Ngan island, etc. It has a beautiful, rich natural landscape and coral density. dense. There are also many strange shaped rocks that captivate visitors.

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A trip to Tapu Island Phu Quoc can be very enjoyable if you choose to go fishing. Snorkeling Explore Koh Tapu Or book a tour of 2 islands Koh Ngai or Koh Hong Mei by yourself at a low cost, you can experience Rut travel on Vinpearl’s official website.

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6. What to eat at Hon Nui Phu Quoc island?

Phu Quoc Island is a pure tourist destination. Not much affected by human impact and the service is not very convenient So when traveling to this island, you must definitely bring something to organize a barbecue or visit some houses. shop in Koh Toei Nai university.

You can also visit Phu Quoc market to buy specialty products to bring to the island and enjoy.

  • grilled abalone
  • steamed squid
  • Grilled spring rolls with onion fat

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7. Notes when traveling to Hon Montai Phu Quoc island

  • When traveling to Phu Quoc Island It is important to choose comfortable and simple clothes when traveling. Choose beautiful clothes for virtual check-in and prepare swimwear
  • Be careful when carrying essentials when traveling such as hats, sunscreen, power banks, medical supplies, insect repellent, glasses…
  • For renting canoes and boats to Honmontai, you must carefully check the number of people and the price before renting.
  • Tourism services on the island are few and limited. So if you want to use the service Please see the price and try not to be too expensive.

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Phu Quoc Island, which has many interesting landscapes, from blue sea water, fine white sand to colorful coral reefs, is considered a very hot and popular tourist destination in Phu Quoc. young tourists come. We hope this insight helps. You are on a perfect journey to discover Nail Island.

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