Phu Quoc Travel Experience AZ: When is the Best Time to Travel to Phu Quoc?

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Phu Quoc is always an ideal stopover and the choice of domestic and international tourists. Traveling to Phu Quoc in the beautiful season always attracts many people. Find the right time to set foot on this beautiful island!

Also known as “Pearl Island”, Phu Quoc is naturally famous for its fanciful beauty that is rarely found anywhere else. Phu Quoc Tourism Which season is the most beautiful? Find the best of the year in the articles below!

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1. About Muk Phu Quoc – Tropical Paradise

Phu Quoc is an island located in the Gulf of Thailand in the sub-equatorial monsoon tropical region. The island is surrounded on all sides by the sea. The weather is different from other islands. In our country, not only that, but Nature also offers beautiful scenery with clear blue water and white sand all year round.

How attractive is Phu Quoc?

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2. What is the most beautiful season to travel to Phu Quoc?

The climate on Phu Quoc island is relatively warm, cool and pleasant all year round. It is divided into two seasons, the dry season and the rainy season. Because it is located at the gateway to welcome the southwest monsoon. Therefore, the humidity is especially high in the rainy season. The dry season is influenced by the northeast monsoon. And the temperature will increase with heat from April to May. The average annual temperature on the island is about 25-27 degrees Celsius.

2.1 Visiting Phu Quoc when the season changes: late October to early April

The change of seasons is the perfect time to visit Phu Quoc. At this time, the weather is favorable to visit and experience all activities. Whether you’re staying at a resort or having a picnic on the beach. everything about “Heavenly time, geographical advantage, human harmony”.

  • It is the beginning and the end of the rainy season, so the amount of rain is not much. Your travel and entertainment will be less affected.
  • Early April or early October tends to be crowded with tourists. You can enjoy the view and enjoy the service comfortably without worrying about traffic jams or waiting time.

Phu Quoc is very beautiful.

  • Climate: Pearl Island is usually cool at this time of year. Get a cool breeze If you are wondering what is the best season to go to Phu Quoc beach? It’s time

When coming to Phu Quoc in the changing seasons, there are some experiences that “credulous” tourists should note.

  • In order to enjoy more fully and meaningfully, we must learn the journey before the trip. Hotels in Phu Quoc near the sea are the perfect choice.
  • Experience certain must-try activities when coming to Phu Quoc. Bai Sao, Bai Dai, Bai Truong are some of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. It would be a pity to come to Phu Quoc without taking a dip in the cool blue water here.

Phu Quoc tourism is very beautiful3

  • Phu Quoc food is irresistible. Cuisine is also one of the strengths of Phu Quoc tours with herring salad, melaleuca mushrooms. Jaggery beef cake, sea cucumber, smart cake and crab blood soup are some of the special dishes.

When is the best time to visit Phu Quoc?

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2.2 Traveling to Phu Quoc in the dry season

The dry season in Phu Quoc begins at the end of October and ends in April of the following year. The average temperature during this time is 27-28 degrees Celsius and the highest temperature is up to 35 degrees Celsius, so it is an ideal time to visit and admire the scenery.


  • October: A beautiful time is very useful when traveling to Phu Quoc, at this time there is less rain, less waves and cooler weather, which is very convenient for travel and relaxation.

Phu Quoc tourism is very beautiful.

  • What is the best season to travel to Phu Quoc because sea tourism depends a lot on the weather? Late October to early April marks the beginning of the dry season in Phu Quoc. If you are wondering what season to visit Phu Quoc, this is the answer.


However, the attractions of Phu Quoc are almost full. And hotels in Phu Quoc near the night market are difficult to book. unless you book in advance

If you come to Phu Quoc in the high season Remember to pack the following experiences for endless fun!

  • to control your journey Do not search and book hotels in advance. Book flight tickets before the room is burnt out. or choose the right room for you
  • If you choose to travel to Phu Quoc in March, you can enjoy the crystal clear blue sea. Enjoy all the leisure activities. And easily explore all the scenic spots here. In addition to the charm of the blue sea, Chang river, Phu Quoc pepper garden Win Wonders, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc
  • If you are a foodie You must definitely try the delicious dishes of Pearl Island: honey cake, conch, sim wine and many other dishes..

The trip to Phu Quoc was so beautiful2

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2.3.Visit Phu Quoc in the rainy season

After the peak season from late May to early October Phu Quoc will begin the rainy season. This season has a lot of rain, rough seas, strong winds, high humidity. If you want to know which season is the most beautiful in Phu Quoc However, this is not the right answer if you travel in this season. Traveling to Phu Quoc in the rainy season is also full of interesting experiences.


  • The advantage of going during this period is less tourist density. This time is suitable for travelers who like peace and privacy.
  • Attractions in September are usually empty. So the service fee is cheap and much cheaper than the peak season. It depends on each person’s plans and tastes. Depending on the plan and preferences of each person, the seasonal beauty of Phu Quoc will impress visitors.

What to buy in Phu Quoc tourism?

for a perfect trip Please note the following:

  • You should consider whether to travel to Phu Quoc in June or not. If you still want to make the most of this holiday We recommend choosing resort type instead of experience. Also, a waterproof umbrella and bag is essential…
  • Organizing a BBQ party on the beach and squid fishing at night is also a favorite experience of many tourists when traveling to Phu Quoc in July. Visitors can also “Change the wind” poetically in Ham Ninh fishing village… Learn More The heroic history of the country through the monument of Phu Quoc Prison is also an attraction for domestic and international tourists.

Phu Quoc tourism is very beautiful8

Local and traditional Phu Quoc dishes such as vermicelli, kamaboko soup and rice porridge are perfect when traveling to Phu Quoc in August.

When is the best time to visit Phu Quoc?

  • Traveling to Phu Quoc in March is likened to a wonderland.
  • Countless wonderful experiences when traveling to Phu Quoc in May.
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3. What experiences should be prepared before traveling to Phu Quoc seasonally?

besides taking care When is the best time to visit Phu Quoc? Travelers should at least take the following precautions to get the most out of their trip!

  • Flight, bus and taxi booking upon arrival in Phu Quoc must be made prior to departure date. You should consider a trip to Phu Quoc. Which month will fit into your schedule?
  • If you decide to come to Phu Quoc in the high season. You should research which resort to stay before coming to Phu Quoc to avoid room shortages and price fluctuations. You can contact the reservation (via hotline, website, agent) and check that the check-in information (name, booking time, number of guests, ..) is correct.
  • You should also prepare travel money and necessary documents when traveling. (passport ID card, plane/bus ticket, etc.) Travel expenses paid in advance. Pay to have fun and buy souvenirs. In addition, other costs may be incurred. Required documents for check-in, check-out and emergencies
  • Important things like for personal use You can store your toothbrush Keep your changing clothes, shoes and accessories (glasses, hats, masks, earrings…) ready in your luggage However, visitors must choose appropriate attire when performing.

Phu Quoc tourism is very beautiful 11

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However, despite researching and looking for things to keep in mind before coming to Phu Quoc, many tourists still encounter some problems. So we should pay more attention to these things!

  • Don’t bring too many large items. Most of these items are included in the hotel/resort amenities. Especially 5-star hotels / resorts in Phu Quoc such as high-class resort complexes. Vinpearl Phu Quoc.

Phu Quoc tourism is very beautiful 12

  • If you choose to travel in the dry season You should book your hotel and flight tickets at least a month in advance. Visitors to Pearl Island at this time of year are very busy. And rooms can ‘sold out’ and prices can go up. Small tip, I recommend you refer to the hotel/resort system in Phu Quoc. This resort is highly appreciated for the quality of service and scenery.

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Through the article you can clearly see that the seasons in the pearl island have their own characteristics, this article will surely help you with the answer. When is the best time to visit Phu Quoc? for my trip

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