Phu Quoc United Center: Bringing Vietnam’s Tourism and Entertainment Industry to the World

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At this point, the completion of the Phu Quoc United Center Super Complex of tourism and entertainment on April 21, 2021, according to many experts, will be a milestone marking the “amazing” transformation of the entertainment industry that I guess. is in the world. -stop-shop trend”, brings together the biggest utilities in one place to meet all needs. Making Vietnam an attractive travel option for foreign tourists.

Let’s start with the tourist market. “No accent”

According to the survey results of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism in the past time, foreign tourists visiting Vietnam spend about 60% of the cost of accommodation and meals and about 15-18% for entertainment services. shopping. At the same time, in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia, the proportion of spending on entertainment and shopping services reaches 50-70%, making tourism one of the pillars of the economy.

Figures in 2017 also show that Vietnam’s revenue from foreign tourists alone reached $8.3 billion. Despite being the country with the highest number of foreign tourists in the region.

while Thailand received 52.5 billion USD, Singapore 18.4 billion USD. and Indonesia, 12.6 billion from foreign tourists. These countries are experiencing strong and stable growth in tourism revenue. due to the attractiveness of the shopping paradise resort destination and especially the quality entertainment industry

The reason for this difference is because Vietnam’s tourism now focuses on discovery. Lack of attractive products, relatively poor service… Vietnam’s tourism industry lacks the “fundamentals” to retain tourists. This limits the spending needs of Vietnamese tourists.

In the past 6 years, a number of interesting tourism products have appeared in Vietnam following international trends. Full synchronization and connectivity between services and activities is lacking, but these changes have also led to an influx of international visitors to each region.

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Although 2019 ended due to the global impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, the number of foreign tourists to Vietnam still increased by 16.2% compared to 2018, with more than 18 million visitors “coming for entertainment”. but also “come for leisure and relaxation”, this is to exploit the potential of precious natural resources available in Vietnam.

Vietnam’s leisure tourism industry is booming with new destinations.

Vingroup recently announced Phu Quoc United Center, a super complex of sleepless resorts and entertainment, located in the north of the pearl island. It will go into operation on April 21, 2021. According to experts, the interconnected pieces in this extremely complex picture have created a truly world-class tourism product that makes visitors come back again and again.

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Phu Quoc United Center is a large complex fully integrated with high-class services. Meet all the needs of visitors on the spot. This model has helped create a new integrated service tourism chain. elevate Vietnam’s tourism to a new level as a professional resort industry of international stature.

Phu Quoc United Center converges competitive advantages that make many major tourist destinations in the world “envy”, the advantage is a comprehensive complex model. Lonely location and especially the “sleeping city” Grand World is located in the center of the complex. working continuously 24 hours a day without rest

Economic expert Dinh Trong Thinh said that nightlife is not only an attractive tourist product. It is also the main source of income for the tourism and entertainment industries in many countries around the world.

Phu Quoc Reunification Center

Shopping, dining, play, entertainment and nightlife in particular contribute up to 6% of UK GDP. About $102 billion has been donated to Australia and 400 billion yen to Japan.

Now, for the first time in Vietnam, the night economy has awakened in Phu Quoc with the large-scale professional operation model Grand World, the city that never sleeps. Combine a never-ending day-long festival sequence with a thriving nightlife. To create a vibrant entertainment industry 24/7.

Phu Quoc United Center will bring a new product line to Vietnam’s tourism industry. By linking tourism with the massive premium infrastructure of leisure, relaxation, experience, discovery and entertainment – every visitor need is met at your property, This is a prerequisite to attract tourists of all nationalities to Vietnam

Visitors can “have fun, play, relax and explore” at many attractions such as: Vinpearl Safari, one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Asia, Corona Casino, 10,000+ hotel rooms For selection, international standard. Grand World of ‘Sleeping City’ comes alive 24 hours a day with real public performances. Operation model of the world famous tourist city.

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In addition to the goal of penetrating the global tourism market. The development of the “all-in-one” package model in Vietnam is also a necessary factor to create breakthrough tourist destinations and maintain the flow of domestic – non-current visitors. Every year, Vietnamese tourists account for 70-80% of the total number of tourists.

Economic expert Dr. Nguyen Minh Phong said that if we do the service well, we can surpass Singapore and Hong Kong and compete with the top destinations in the world.

Experts also expect Vietnam to have more international tourism products following the model of Phu Quoc United Center, helping Vietnam’s tourism industry and economy shine in the eyes of the world.


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