Phu Quoc United Center – New Destination On World Travel Map

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The city that never sleeps, Phu Quoc United Center is the title of the Moody-Davit Review travel website with the title ‘New international destination on the world tourist map’.

Total investment more than 2.8 billion dollars. City that never sleeps Phu Quoc United Center It received a lot of attention from many foreign newspapers and travel websites. Opening on April 21, 2021, the event is expected to give a boost to the global hospitality and tourism industry in the post-corona era.

Phu Quoc United Center – New International Destination

Travel site Moody Davit Review cites information about a super complex of resorts and entertainment according to the model. With an area of ​​1,000 hectares, Phu Quoc United Center owns a modern “one destination for all needs” utility system. , including a system of hotel brands from small to 5-star such as Vinpearl, Vinholidays, VinOasis and Radisson Blu under the model of 10,000 rooms.

Phu Quoc United Center is also home to VinWonders Phu Quoc, the largest amusement park in Vietnam, Vinpearl Safari – one of Asia’s largest semi-wild conservation parks, Vinpearl Golf, an 18-hole golf course, Corona 5 star casino. at Grand World, Winmec Hospital…


Visitors can experience the show. Attend a local festival at International Canawall and visit Vietnam’s first 5-star casino open 24/7 with 1000 machines and 100 professional tables.

Hong Kong’s IAG commented:City that never sleeps Phu Quoc United Center When opened, this place is expected to become the leading resort, investment and business product in Vietnam. In addition to entertainment, the model of a city that does not sleep not only lays the foundation for the development of Vietnam’s night economy. but also make Vietnam a new international destination on the international tourism map.”

covid changes

COVID-19 can be likened to a ‘nightmare’ for the global tourism industry. Many businesses have closed due to sudden cash flow shortages, staff cuts and operational restrictions.
A recent report from Market Analytics estimates that the travel industry will lose 1.5% of total global GDP, with travel and tourism revenue falling 34.7% to around $447.4 billion.

Andrea, travel journalist for The Points Guy, said: “In New York, USA, which welcomes tens of millions of visitors each year, everywhere you can find Hilton, The Blakely, Marriott and more. 70 years of history. The Roosevelt Hotel announced major closures Other cities such as Chicago, Las Vegas and Washington DC also faced similar situations. I’m not surprised you are.


In Europe, the situation is not so good. According to hotel chains Some InterContinental and Ace have announced their permanent closure, 13 hotels in tourist attractions forced to close, The Straits Times reported.

Despite the “pessimistic” situation of the global tourism industry, but some travel websites, such as IAG, RLI and Blooloop, accuse Vietnam of promoting domestic tourism development and have programs for tourists. foreign calendar. I am amazed at the possibility of opening the “Vaccine Passport”


Member Mandison Jr commented on the activity on the social network Quora: Map I came to Vietnam in 2013 and whether Vietnam will implement a program to issue passports and vaccines to tourists I will definitely come to Phu Quoc.


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