Phu Quoc United Center opens a new starting point for Vietnam tourism

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Phu Quoc United Center Resort and Entertainment Complex will start welcoming guests from April 21, 2021. This new travel product marks the first step in Vietnam’s 24/7 entertainment industry. and is expected to bring Phu Quoc pearl island to the position of the leading resort paradise in the region.

First step into the 24/7 entertainment industry

According to the Asia Pacific Travel Association, only 10% to 40% of foreign tourists to Vietnam want to come back a second time, while in Thailand it is 80%, foreign tourists to Vietnam is 96 USD/day, Thailand is 163 USD/day, only Phuket and Bangkok are over 200$/day, Singapore is 272$/day.

Mr. Vu The Binh, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association, said that returning tourists tend to follow the convention, business, resort, shopping (MICE) delegations… Thailand is known as the shopping paradise. While Singapore is an international financial center and a city with many world-class theme parks, entertainment and commercial centers.

Meanwhile, Vietnam is still known as a destination to explore in the eyes of most international tourists. Therefore, Vietnam’s long-term tourism development strategy should shift to resort tourism, shopping, entertainment, entertainment and MICE. Mr. Vu The Binh also added that the beach with diversified services form and above all a place to eat and sleep that will encourage guests to return. Come again, stay longer, spend more money.
The entertainment industry has long been considered a “magnet” attracting tourists to major tourist destinations around the world. Subsectors such as theme parks, gaming and the film industry can add significant value. In Singapore, the entertainment industry accounts for 35% of the country’s GDP.

Economic expert Nguyen Minh Phong said that, as Vietnam becomes more and more known to tourists, the benefits of nature are no longer a mystery. And the development of the entertainment industry is an inevitable solution. Saying they will do, with that in mind, it is very useful for general tourism centers like Phu Quoc United Center, which can best meet the needs of visitors of all ages with quality service. The operating model of Phu Quoc United Center will be deployed, operated and managed by a single investor. This will create a highly consistent chain of service industries.

‘Raise the bar’ to bring Vietnam tourism to the world

Economic expert Nguyen Minh Phong also said that, in addition to the unprecedented scale of expansion in Vietnam, Phu Quoc United Center also has a special geographical location, owning an outstanding Grand World night economic model.

Phu Quoc United Center Mo-Ra-Coy-Do-Moo-Cho-du-Lich-Viet-3

Today, day trips account for about 30% of global tourism revenue. The remaining 70% comes from night economic activities such as theme parks, entertainment venues, shopping centres, restaurants and festivals. In Australia, the night economy generates $102 billion a year. , which accounts for 6% of the UK’s GDP. and worth about $4 billion in the Land of the Rising Sun. New York City alone has more than $10 billion in revenue and 300,000 jobs in the night economy. “Going to bed early” lost a huge source of income

The first 24/7 model of Phu Quoc United Center wakes up the night economy in Vietnam, New York, Paris or Thailand… all have night economy. But there is no single advantage of Phu Quoc at night in much more part for the economy. Turn Pearl Island into a micro-economy,” said Mr. Nguyen Minh Phong.

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Experts also say that the area of ​​Singapore is only equivalent to Phu Quoc, Thailand is developing tourism according to the old model, without an isolated area like Phu Quoc, while Hong Kong has grown to its limit and narrowed. the role of latecomers. Coming to Phu Quoc, United Center developed by Vingroup can learn from the experiences of previous generations. Understand the right need And so it has the right direction. This continuous tourism product ecosystem brings together all the best of Vietnam and the world.

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The success of world-class tourist paradises such as Maldives, Dubai, and Hawaii shows that the right investment and effective development can take advantage of the benefits that nature bestows on each land. The island helps the rough pearl to shine every day.


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