Phu Quoc United Center – The launch event marked the moment of awakening Koh Ngoc.

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The opening ceremony of Phu Quoc United Center on the afternoon of April 21, 2021 is the awakening moment of the sleeping beauty in the night forest Koh Ngoc. We have prepared a special event so that you can enjoy the open space as if you have entered a new paradise.

Great celebration of the death anniversary of Hung Kings, a traditional feature of Vietnamese culture and people.

It is honored to be held on the Hung Kings Anniversary (March 10 of the lunar calendar), a wonderful traditional cultural party.Vietnamese nature“It is too densely populated. Phu Quoc Reunification Center Communicating with visitors with messages honoring the cultural quintessence of Vietnam, coming here visitors are like stepping back into the space of Vietnam thousands of years ago, witnessing the process of building and defending the country of ancestors. and the patriotic spirit that has existed for thousands of generations of the Vietnamese people. history

The 45-minute program “Vietnamese Essence” from 19:30 to 20:15 will have the participation of 200 actors taking visitors into the space to discover and experience the life of the ancient Vietnamese in a perfect style. totally different.

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Director Bet Tu sent it into space.”Vietnamese nature“From the little things to the great cultural values ​​The restored old folk house has been rebuilt down to the smallest detail, such as the floor tiles. So that visitors can fully feel the ancient cultural values ​​that we have never seen before.”

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“The quintessence of Vietnam” not only uses a series of blockbuster performance techniques. but also combine the most advanced technologies in the entertainment industry to create a moving stage, a walking house, a flying man, a moon… I am sure this will be the most unforgettable experience in your heart.

A beautiful recreation of medieval Mediterranean culture.

The endless festive atmosphere of the “City that never sleeps” Grand World follows the “Essence of Vietnam” The multimedia reality TV program “Colors of Venice” on the water will introduce visitors to many special programs. colourful, attractive.

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“Colors of Venice” takes place on a giant water stage that first appeared in Vietnam. There are traces of European architecture in the central canal and lake districts. This is a fairy-tale romantic love story set in the beautiful Italian city of Venice, while recreating medieval European carnival life on this calm river. A surreal space different from daylight will surely impress visitors.

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Phu Quoc Reunification Center With a nearly 15,000 m2 underwater stage system combining the world’s strongest props with the latest technology, “Colors of Venice” is considered one of the most realistic and attractive shows in Vietnam.

In the world, there are only the best entertainment centers like Disneyland, Zirke du Soleil and Zhang’s reality show. Only Yimou is strong enough to run modern facilities like super shows. Phu Quoc Reunification Center.

Director Bet Tu has confirmed that:The existing ecosystem will turn Phu Quoc United Center into a super complex that offers visitors unique entertainment experiences in Vietnam. It’s an experience everyone should go through at least once.“.

Eat, travel, play, shop all over the world at Grand World “paradise”

An even bigger surprise will be discovered at the end of the million-view show. “City that never sleeps” Great World Soul of Super World Phu Quoc Reunification Center takes visitors lost in one of the world’s most lively and enchanting nightlife. along with fun activities, entertainment and shopping opportunities.

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Grand World shopping ‘paradise’ brings together famous Vietnamese and international brands such as Daiso, Minigood, Ao Dai Xi Hoang, Pierre Cardin, Pantio for the first time on Ngoc island. Subsidiaries include Shanghai Street , Yangyang Street and Dai Chun High Street.

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Coming here, visitors can enjoy the local cultural quintessence of famous Vietnamese crafts: Phu Quoc’s famous Kai Hoang fish sauce, Kai Yen’s dry specialty, Central Highlands coffee beans and other specialties. other specialty products. , Pan Yim, , Sewing House Handicraft, A Dong Fine Arts,…

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Experience the largest variety of tourism and culinary experiences in Vietnam with Kien Xay Pho, Phu Quoc Beef, Ly Quoc Su Pho, Ham Ninh Seafood, Nguyen Ky Fried Rice or international cuisine at major restaurant chains: Lotteria, Pizza Villa, Volcano Beef Steak, The Coffee House, Chun Nguyen Legend, Hokkaido Grilled Cheese Tart…

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In addition to dining and shopping, there are also entertainment streets such as bars, karaoke, casinos open 24/7. For visitors who love Korea Walking down K-star Street is an experience not to be missed when combining Korean style with famous models and artists. Unique sculptures, cafes, beauty, shopping and entertainment

With a construction scale of more than 1000 hectares in the north of the pearl island. Phu Quoc Reunification Center This place is expected to become one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Asia in the near future.

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