Pixelmon NFT has been accused of “hanging a goat’s head to sell dog meat” while boycotting gamers

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Pixelmon NFT has raised more than USD 70 million (equivalent to VND 1,600 billion), but what this NFT game brings does not match the advertising.

Game Pixelmon NFT is boycotted because the picture is too bad

Pixelmon has been getting a lot of criticism lately for only one reason: the game sucks. Accordingly, Pixelmon, which was promoted with extremely majestic words and even successfully solicited investment capital of up to USD 70 million (equivalent to VND 1600 billion), was a blockbuster worth adding. However, what players of this game get in return is the quality of the graphics, the design is too bad, bad and not cared for. Some people even think that the game “hangs a goat’s head to sell dog meat” because it’s far from the promotional image and trial version.
Pixelmon NFT indicted
Although the game development team also acknowledged and apologized to its players shortly thereafter, they also confirmed that they would “renovate” the image in the game with an amount of 2 million. U.S. dollar. Despite this, the wave of boycotts did not stop, but continued to spread. Because for many people, the job of the development team is just to relax the situation, not knowing what is real. After all, it’s the development team’s responsibility to take care of their product from the first days of launch, not for players to boycott it and then start fixing it. Therefore, many questions arise as to what the funds that investors have put into the game, up to more than 70 million US dollars, are used for.
Pixelmon NFT indicted
With this criticism, Pixelmon is in danger of being stopped, and the $70 million raised is an impossible number. Many players think that only 1/3 of that money can create a popular NFT game, not like Pixelmon, which is bad but has good promotion. Currently, the development team is editing Pixelmon to make the image more beautiful to meet the needs of players, but this seems very difficult unless it is “smash and rebuild”.
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