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Can Tho tourist maps, administrative maps, itineraries and travel guides are all you need to know if you decide to travel to the Mekong Delta. Prepare!

holding a book Can Tho tourist map Don’t worry too much about where you’re going or how you’ll save time and energy. This is the latest updated map of Can Tho. Use this information as a basis for detailed itinerary planning and be proactive during your trip.

1. Introduction to Kanto

Can Tho is a city located on the right bank of the Hau River, in the heart of the Mekong Delta. 169 km southwest of Ho Chi Minh City. Can Tho tourist map is therefore a place that receives a lot of attention and support from domestic and international tourists.

A corner of Can Tho city (Source: Finance)

It is a municipality directly under the central government and one of the four largest cities in Japan. Can Tho province is close to which province? Can Tho borders An Giang province to the north, Vinh Long and Dong Thap provinces to the east, Kien Giang province to the west and Hau Giang province to the south.

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2. Detailed administrative map of Can Tho

Can Tho tourist map includes 4 districts, including 5 districts, 5 cities, 42 districts and 36 communities as follows:

Map of Can Tho City (Source: New Housing and Land)

  • Ninh Kieu district has 11 districts. Cai Khe, An Hoa, Thoi Binh, An Nghiep, An Cu, Tan An, An Phu, Xuan Khanh, Hung Loi, An Khanh, An Binh
  • Kairang District has 7 localities: Le Binh, Hung Phu, Hung Thang, Balang, Tuong Tung, Phu Thu, Tung Fu.
  • Binh Ton District has eight districts. Binh Thuy, Tra An, Tra Noc, Thoi And Dong, An Thoi, Bui Huu Nghia, Long Hoa, Long Tuyen
  • The Tod Not District has nine counties. Thot Not, Thoi Thuan, Thuan An, Tan Loc, Trung Nhut, Thanh Hoa, Trung Kien, Tan Hung, Thuan Hung
  • O Mon district has seven wards. Chau Van Liam, Thoi Hoa, Thoi Long, Long Hung, Toi An, Phuoc Toi, Truong Lak
  • The Kodo region has one city and nine communities. Co Do Town, Trung An, Trung Thanh, Thanh Phu, Trung Hung, Thoi Hung, Dong Hiep, Dong Thang, Thoi Dong, Thoi Xuan communes
  • Phong Dien district has one town and six communities. Phong Dien Commune, Nhon Ai, Giai Xuan, Than Toi, Truong Long, My Khanh, Nhon Nghia
  • Tolai County has 1 town and 12 communities. Toi Lai, Toi Tan, Tan Thanh, Xuan Thanh, Dong Bin, Dong Thuan, Toi Tan, Truong Thanh, Ding Mong, Truong Thanh, Truong Xuan, Truong Xuan A, Truong Xuan B
  • Vinh Thanh district has 2 cities and 9 communities. Tan An Town, Bintang Town, Binh Binh Community, Tan My, Bintling, Tan An, Tan Tien, Tan Tan, Tan Loi, Tank Oy, Tan Rock

3. Update map of each district of Can Tho.

Below are detailed information about the counties. Can Tho tourist map

3.1.Ningyo District Map

Map Ninh Kieu District Can Tho is located in the center of Can Tho, this is where most of the agencies and departments are located. It is also the economic, cultural, political and educational center of the whole city.

Map of Ninh Kieu district in Can Tho (Source: New Housing)

3.2 Map of Cai Lan district

On the tourist map of Can Tho, Cai Lan district is located in the south of the city. Since its establishment, Cai Lan has been considered as the spearhead of economic development of Can Tho City, and an important center of transport, education, industry, commerce and logistics.

Map of Cai Lan area (Source: New housing)

3.3. Map of Binh Thuy district

Binh Thuy is a district that plays the role of an important traffic hub of Can Tho with international waterway and air traffic, in addition, in the tourist map of Can Tho, Binh Thuy has the Chi Chit river system, the environment and the environment. clean and green school. and unique and interesting traditional cultural features.

Binthawee District Map (Source: New Houses and Land)

3.4.Map of Thung Por Thueng . sub-area

Thot Not is located in the North of Can Tho tourism map, which is considered as a potential area for industrial development and ecotourism. To Not district has a great advantage in attracting investment from industrial zones. special In the district, there are currently 3 large industrial parks in operation: Thu Dau Mot Industrial Park, Thu Duc II Industrial Park and Thu Duc III Industrial Park.

Map of Todnot Subdistrict (Source: New House and Land)

3.5.Om . Sub-Region Map

Au Mon district is located in the north of Can Tho tourist map, about 20 km from the city center, is the second largest industrial zone of Can Tho after Binh Tuy district, in addition, O Mon will play an important role in the development of the city. strategy for economic, industrial and new urbanization development of the city in the future.

Map of Amon District (Source: New House and Land)

3.6. Map of Kod subdivision

Koh Do is located in the west of Can Tho tourist map. This is a field with many possibilities and advantages for agricultural development and production. This is also an area where the quality of education improves every year. There is a convenient transportation network for trade with localities and neighboring provinces.

Map of Kodo District (Source: New House and Land)

3.7 Map of Phong Due district

Phong Dien is located 10 km southwest of the city center including 1 town and 6 communes, with outstanding achievements in tourism in recent years, Phong Dien promises to become an ecological urban area. first in the Mekong Delta

Community map in Phong Dien, Can Tho (Source: Yadat Moi)

3.8. Map of Tolai Quận County

Toilai is located in the western suburbs of Can Tho. is a sub-district that is being developed and improved in all aspects. Especially, the local school system is being developed and high-class urban areas are being formed.

Map of To Lai District (Source: Yadamoi)

3.9 Map of Binh Thanh District

On the tourist map of Can Tho, Vinh Thanh district is located about 80 km northwest of the city center. As a high-class urban area formed on the main road, Vinh Thanh district promises to develop further when Cao Lanh – Rach Soi highway and Chau Doc – Can Tho – Soc Trang expressway are completed.

Map of Binh Thanh District (Source: New Housing and Land)

4. The latest and most complete Can Tho tourist map

Let’s take a look at some places that attract the attention of tourists on the tourist map of Can Tho.

4.1 Map of Cai Rang Floating Market

On the tourist map of Can Tho, it can be said that Cai Lan Floating Market is the most mentioned place because of the activities and general culture. Therefore, the tourism industry of Can Tho has a plan to preserve and develop this relic.

Don't forget to visit Cai Rang Floating Market when traveling to Can Tho (Source: What's in the West)

4.2 Lung Coc Cau tourist map

Lung Coc Cau is one of the destinations of Can Tho in the future with more investment in entertainment, entertainment and accommodation services. Coming here, visitors can experience many interesting activities such as visiting the orchard, playing in the water, enjoying the peaceful space. and experience the closeness of westerners

Transforming into a Westerner in Lung Coc Cau (Source: Foody)

4.3. Ningkou port tourist map

On the tourist map of Can Tho, Ninh Kieu wharf always leaves a mark in the hearts of tourists from all over the world. At this place Visitors can play sightseeing Shopping at the local market and enjoy delicious food with specialties of Can Tho.

Sparkling Ninh Kieu Port (Source: Western Travel)

4.4. Phong Dien tourist map

If you look on the map, Phuong Dien District Can Tho will show an eco-tourism area with lush green stretches of fruit orchards covering comfortably. Not only that, but it is also a rare region with a rural atmosphere in the Southwest region.

Fondue Fruit Farm (Source: Chudu24)

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5. Other types of maps About Can Tho

In addition to the administrative and touristic maps of Can Tho, you will need traffic maps and Google Maps to get here.

5.1.Can Tho city traffic map

Can Tho tourism map currently includes National Highways 1A, 91, 91B, 91C, 61B and National Highway 80, connecting Can Tho with the city center of the Mekong Delta. Expressways that have been invested and built in the region are Lote-Lak Soi Expressway connecting Kien Giang Province with Binh Thanh District, Chau Doc-Can Tho-Soc Trang Expressway, and Can Tho Expressway. – Bac Luu and My Thuan-Can Tho highway.

Traffic map of Can Tho city (Source: New housing)

Can Tho is also the owner of Can Tho Airport. is the largest airport in the Mekong Delta region. Ho Chi Minh City-Can Tho high-speed train has the world’s newest high-speed rail. Can Tho Railway – The core of Can Tho Public Transport Five ports and city logistics

5.2 Refer to Can Tho Map from Google Map

Google Maps Can Tho was established for the purpose of making it easier for tourists to find and explore the famous scenic spots of the city. with this type of map Visitors can freely zoom in and out to see the location clearly. as well as share to save the places to remember.

Can Tho on Google Map (Source: Google Map)

6. Things to know about Can Tho tourist map

for all tourists Can Tho tourist map plays an extremely important role in your travel. Now detailed and clear in different colors.

In addition to the tourist paper map of Can Tho. You can also use Google Maps to tour here. These types of smartphone maps are easy to use and help travelers find their way easily. Quickly and accurately

Use paper maps or Google Maps to go to Can Tho (Source: Freepik).

7. Map of moving directions to famous attractions of Can Tho city

Yes Things to do in Can Tho, where to go and how? Now save the tourist map of Can Tho and your route details below!

7.1.Guide to Cai Rang floating market from Ninh Kieu wharf

  • Method 1: According to the map of Can Tho, Cai Rang floating market is about 6.5 km from Ninh Kieu wharf, get out of Ninh Kieu wharf, follow Highway 30/4, turn roundabout to National Highway 3/2, right at the foot of Cai Ran bridge, An Binh is about 1 km from the market, now you can rent a boat to visit the floating market area.
  • Method 2: If you do not want to travel by car You can buy a train ticket to go directly from Ninh Khu port to the floating market without having to change routes along the way.

Wat Kairang Floating Market (Source: Asia Tour Advisor)

7.2. Introducing My Khan tourist village and Wat Tak Lamphong Nam temple

observe from Can Tho tourist mapFrom the foot of Cai Lan bridge, you just need to follow Highway 923 (road – river) about 5 km, from the foot of Cai Lan bridge will come to My Khan tourist village. From here, walk up about 300m to Trak Lam Phong Nam Sen pagoda.

Truc Lam Phuong Nam Zen Monastery (Source: Western Travel)

7.3 Guide to Nam Nha pagoda Binh Thuy ancient house

Follow the route on the tourist map of Can Tho, start from Ninh Kieu wharf, follow Nguyen Trai street, go about 5km to Cach Mang Thang 8 to Nam Nha pagoda, continue crossing Binh Thuy bridge, turn left onto the road Bui Huu Nghia and walking. Continue about 500 m to the ancient house of Binh Thuy.

Binh Thuy ancient house (Source: Focus Asia Travel)

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