Pokemon Legends Arceus is being criticized by fans for poor design

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Pokemon Legends Arceus has just revealed the designs of some Pokemon that have received negative criticism from fans for being too ugly.

Many Pokemon designs in Pokemon Legends Arceus have received criticism from fans

After announcing that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will be reaching players, the Pokemon-loving community has been eagerly awaiting the release date. However, the images leaked online have made loyal Pokemon fans very angry because the design is so bad, with fans criticizing that “so bad why don’t you do it”. In the Pokemon Legends Arceus game, players will have more new Pokemon and many old Pokemon, but maybe their appearance will be changed to better suit the land of Hisui.

And it is this change that displeases many fans because most fans think that these pictures look ugly and unsightly. There’s no official information yet on which game these characters will appear in, but if that’s the case, Pokemon Legends: Arceus won’t be attracting any players.
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