Pokemon Legends Arceus is getting an anime adaptation

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Pokemon Legends Arceus has had unexpected success on the Nintendo Switch, and an anime version is expected to arrive in the near future.

Pokemon Legends Arceus is being adapted into an anime

Pokemon Legends Arceus is a game loved by many gamers because it makes a good impression on the hearts of fans of the traditional Pokemon game series. However, the ambition of the game developers does not stop at the gaming segment, they also want to exploit this gaming segment on many different levels, namely the anime segment in the near future. According to the latest announcement from The Pokemon Company, an anime series based on the Pokemon Legends Arceus game is in the pipeline. The film is slated for release later this year. Besides information about the setting of the anime, which will be set in the Hisuian region, other information such as the main character, the cast of voices or the production team of the characters has not been disclosed.

Some information about the game Pokemon Legends: Arceus – this is an action role-playing game developed by freak and publisher Nintendo and The Pokemon Company and released on Nintendo Switch in 2022. This is known to be the 8th series of Pokemon games and is a prequel to two previous titles released for the Nintendo DS system in 2006, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. Pokemon Legends: Arceus was released on January 28, 2022. The game was officially announced during the 25th Pokemon Celebration alongside the Pokemon duo Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (released November 19, 2021).
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