Pregnant women flying: all the precautions and regulations you need to know

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Many studies have shown that for the majority of pregnant women traveling by air is still safe and there are no medical risks associated with a healthy pregnancy. However, there are some cases where it is not Shipping is not recommended or refused. We will explain this in the article below.

pregnant woman on the plane It is considered a special passenger and some airlines have their own documentation requirements at check-in. And when it comes to flying, pregnant women are safe in most cases. It’s important to know the risks and be well prepared for pregnant women when traveling by air.

pregnant woman on the plane

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1. Will flying pregnant women affect the fetus?

Research by experts shows that a pregnant woman’s breathing rate temporarily increases during take-off and landing. but remains constant throughout the flight.

However, on long-haul flights If you sit in the cabin for a long time or the humidity is low Risk of leg edema and venous thromboembolismThere is not much medical evidence for this yet. But pregnant women should be careful in a number of ways, including:

  • used medical socks
  • Avoid tight clothing.
  • Maintain regular exercise
  • Get the water your body needs…

Sound, vibration and radiation also pose risks in flight. It is not important for pregnant women.even on long flights The dosage should not exceed the maximum limit of 15% and the fetal dose should not be exceeded, however pregnant women should be aware and informed of this before boarding fly. Women do not need to worry too much.

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Photo of pregnant woman giving birth: Can't help but admire

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2. Is the cabin air pressure harmful to the fetus?

All airlines now have to ensure cabin pressure at a safe level for passengers and passengers. It is not harmful to a healthy pregnant woman..

However, low cabin pressure can increase blood pressure and heart rate. Morning sickness can get worse. And vomiting a lot can lead to dehydration. Therefore, pregnant women traveling by plane are advised to drink enough water to avoid dehydration during the flight.

pregnant woman on the plane

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3. Safe flying during pregnancy

It is safe for most pregnant women to fly. however, pregnancy complications, such as high blood pressure premature placental abruption and gestational diabetesDoctor advises pregnant women not to fly

while 2nd trimester (14 to 27 weeks) This is the safest time to fly for pregnant women.

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Photo of pregnant woman giving birth: Can't help but admire

for the safety of pregnant woman on the planeOnly available to most commercial airlines in the world. We accept carriage of pregnant passengers under 36 weeks.

In Vietnam, the specific regulations are:

  • Less than 32 weeks: Pregnant women can board the plane like regular passengers.
  • From 32 weeks to 36 weeks: Passengers must obtain a medical certificate prior to departure.
  • Women 36 weeks or more/within 7 days of due date/7 Days after giving birth: Airlines refuse to deliver.

4. Airline requirements for pregnant women

Pregnant women should carefully review this rule for each airline to ensure all procedures and paperwork are in place. Below is information about transporting pregnant women by plane of some airlines in Vietnam.

4.1. Vietjet’s regulations for pregnant women

Regulations for pregnant women to fly Vietjet

Pregnant passengers who want to fly with any airline must notify the airline at the airport and meet the following conditions:

Pregnant women up to 27 weeks: The airline reserves the right to require passengers to provide a prenatal diagnosis to determine the number of weeks of pregnancy and to sign the “Prenatal diagnosis form”. “Agreement of Liability”

Pregnant guests from 27 to 32 weeks: Mandatory presentation of handbook/certificate of pregnant women meeting the following conditions.

  • Certified by a medical professional
  • The closest verification to the actual travel date is within 7 days.
  • The client and fetus are in good or normal health. In the event of unusual symptoms Travelers are asked to take steps to ensure they are in good health for travel.

Women more than 32 weeks pregnant: The company refused to deliver the goods.

record: because the passenger’s health is not normal pregnant with artificial insemination If you are pregnant with twins or more or if your unborn baby is not developing normally You must take steps to make sure you have enough health to travel as recommended by the airline.

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4.2. Pregnancy conditions of Vietnam Airlines

Requirements for pregnant women to fly Vietnam Airlines

for gestational age Airlines have the following rules:

Pregnant women under 32 weeks: Transport as a regular passenger.

Pregnant women between 32 and 36 weeks: The airline provides a medical information form for pre-departure health checks. and a medical information form written by a physician. (Doctors at the hospital are approved by Vietnam Airlines for medical examination)

Women who are pregnant for at least 36 weeks or within 7 days of giving birth. or those who will give birth within 7 days of giving birth: To maintain the health of passengers We refuse to carry passengers.

Some special cases that require pre-flight medical examination include:

  • The time of birth or pregnancy is also not clearly defined.
  • Twins, triplets, twins…;
  • There is also the risk of problems during delivery.
  • by artificial insemination

Time limit for preparing documents before flight: Pregnant women must complete a medical check-up at least 7 days before boarding. Applications will be accepted for the following routes. provided that the passenger has no medical problems during the trip and meets the conditions for a period not exceeding 36 weeks from the date of departure.

pregnant woman on the plane

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4.3. Bamboo Airways maternity policy

Regulations for pregnant women on Bamboo flights

This airline accepts flights for women less than 32 weeks pregnant according to the following rules:

Pregnant women under 27 weeks: We will ship normally but you will need to provide the following documents.

  • Routine antenatal check-up
  • Ultrasound confirmation of gestational week
  • Sign the disclaimer.

28–32 weeks pregnant women: Shipment is allowed if necessary information is provided.

  • Routine antenatal check-up
  • Certificate of health for the flight and medical examination of mother and baby (within 7 days from the date of departure).
  • The ultrasound sheet determines the due date and gestational week.
  • Sign the disclaimer

If the airline accepts carriage: Pregnant women from 32 weeks or more and women 7 days after giving birth

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5. Simple ways to help pregnant women feel comfortable while on a cruise

Photo of pregnant woman giving birth: Can't help but admire

  • Consult your doctor before deciding to fly.
  • Do not eat before the start of the journey to avoid bloating.
  • Choose a seat in the middle of the plane, near the aisle for easy access to the bathroom.
  • Fasten your seat belt properly during the flight.
  • You should get up and move or rotate your ankles and wrists for a few minutes to avoid stiffness and cramping from prolonged sitting.
  • Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration in your body.
  • To make your flight comfortable and enjoyable. Bring a neck pillow, snacks, and some necessary medications prescribed by your doctor.

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We have updated the necessary regulations and recommendations in this article. pregnant woman on the plane Especially, pregnant women should note that they should consult their doctor before deciding to fly to ensure the best flight path for both mother and baby.

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