Provide more than 10 unique hanam dishes as gifts for all friends who have to cry.

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When visiting Hanam In addition to the beautiful natural scenery Visitors will also appreciate the special dishes of Hanam as a meaningful gift. Visitors can explore, have fun and experience unique flavors. and buy Hanam specialties as gifts such as fresh vegetables from Ba Sao, Linan oranges and stewed fish from Wu Dai village.

Don’t forget to shop after visiting Hanam. Special Hanam as a gift For friends and family It must be a very meaningful gift that will be given to even those who have never stepped foot on the opportunity. “Journey through Hanam cuisine”

1. Vegetable spread

One of the most common answers visitors get when asking locals, ‘Hanam’s specialty’ is fresh vegetables from Basao. Cauliflower is a familiar vegetable grown in mountainous areas. It is dark green, glossy and rich in nutrients. Hanam kale usually grows naturally on the limestone mountains and has an incomparable delicious taste.

Vegetable season usually lasts from January to the end of April. Cassava plants grow a lot in Kim Bang and Thanh Liem areas, people use flowers, fruits, young leaves and cassava stems to process into many attractive dishes: cassava vegetables cooked with minced meat. Shrimp and vegetables boiled together, fish soup and boiled vegetables together… specially Tapioca buds are used. Soup and stir-fry are both delicious.

  • Where to buy vegetables: You can buy this famous vegetable as souvenirs in Hanam at vegetable shops and markets along the way.

2. Mr. Bang Chong, Black Village

Dam village is one of the five famous banh te craft villages in the North with a centuries-old tradition. Located near Nam Dinh granary, where many precious types of sticky rice are stored, the people of Dam village choose Hai Hau sticky rice, or mix it with Nam Dinh yellow flower sticky rice or Ha Nam green beans.

Ha Nam

The workers often use galvanized brass and rainwater to boil the account. Therefore, Banh Chung Dam can be kept for 8-10 days without being cooked, and Banh Chung from Dam village is famous for its fragrant, rich and delicious taste. And it deserves to be one of the special dishes of Ha Nam culinary culture.

  • Address to buy Vinchon: Is a dam village about 5 km from Phu Ly town (Ha Nam), in Liem Tuyen commune, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam.

3. Lee Nan tangerine – Hanam special fruit

if you want to buy Special Hanam as a gift For friends and relatives, Lee Nan Mandarin is one of the top choices. of tourists Ly Nang-Ha Nam is a natural land located along the Red River. fertile land suitable for growing specialty tangerines


Nan Lai tangerines have thin crispy skin, flat flesh and bright yellow color. Tangerine flesh is sweet, fragrant and watery.

  • Places where you can buy tangerines: Linyan area or on the way back

4. Vogue Village Wine

If you don’t want to buy Hanam’s special food as a gift. You can buy Vók village wine as a gift for your loved ones, Vók village wine is made from specially fermented glutinous rice with 36 medicinal flavors and cooked with fragrant glutinous rice. The secret to making this delicious wine is cooking from Hoang Hoa sticky rice, also known as glutinous rice with whole bran, which is only harvested for 3-5 months.


According to locals, one of the factors contributing to the unique flavor of Vo village wine is that the water in Voc village is very clear and cold. This wine has a unique aroma, sweet, passionate and you can feel the humanity.

  • Where to buy alcohol: Voc Village, Vu Ban Commune, Binh Luc, Ha Nam

5. Banana reigns emperor

What did Hannam give to the king? Special hanam bananas for gifts are unripe and must be eaten with vinegar. The oven to make banana vinegar must be at the right temperature for the bananas to ripen evenly.


in the ripe banana season Bananas will have a sweet smell. cute little banana Body is stick and thick meat. Banana peel is golden yellow. Easy to peel, soft texture and very fragrant. Different from other bananas Eat a piece of banana, I want to eat.

  • Where to buy bananas: Dai Hoang Hamlet, Hoa Hau Commune, Ly Nuan District, Ha Nam Province

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6. Budai Village Fish Stew – Famous Hanam Food

Budai Village – A visit to Hanam not only allows you to learn about the traditional fishing village. but also enjoy the famous braised fish dish. And you may not need nice words. Much to introduce or explain this Hanam specialty.

Ha Nam

In the past, this dish was called boiled fish for kings. But now it has become a meaningful and original gift. Budai village braised fish dish uses pork belly and braised black carp with signature spices. Standard fish stew pot, not too dry, not too wet, nice brown color, fishy taste, no fishy smell, soft fish bones, very delicious.

  • Where to buy fish: Nhan Hau village, Hoa Hau commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province

7. Kian Kay rice paper

Kriengkai rice paper is also a Hanam specialty that many tourists choose as a gift.

The secret to making kenke mochi delicious is the delicious combination of rice, coconut, sesame and peanuts, then soaked in rice → sprinkled with flour → flour → baked → dried in the sun. Topped with roasted peanuts, sesame and shredded coconut. Foi Thong cake has a characteristic greasy taste. This will make even the most discerning diners


  • Where to buy rice paper: Qianke City Qingliao District Henan Province

8. Flying fish sauce

The famous Binh Loc fish sauce dish is one of the most popular souvenirs that tourists buy when traveling to Ha Nam.

The secret to making the delicious taste of fish sauce lies in the delicate processing process. From the stage of choosing fresh fish ingredients, washing, pre-baking, mixing spices, lowering the earth.


The resulting kelp sauce has a beautiful color. Neighbor smell the saltiness of the salt And the spicy taste of ginger… the taste is very appealing.

  • Where to buy fish sauce: Buy directly from specialty stores in Hanam or from people in the Binryuk district of Hanam.

9. Hong Nhan Hau – Ha Nam specialty is the ideal gift.

If you have been to Ha Nam without trying it or buying it as a gift, Nang Hau persimmon is crispy, fragrant, sweet… then you are wrong, Nhan Hau persimmon – Ha Nam has nothing different from other types of persimmons in the province. Others have large, seedless persimmons with thin, round and smooth skin, which when ripe turn from bright red to wrinkled and light brown in color, and the core is degenerate and soft like jelly.


Yan Hao Dang can be soaked in water for 3-4 days or warmed and then eaten immediately. When you peel off a thin crust and put it in your mouth, you can feel the persimmons melt. It is delicious and will make you fall in love with it.

  • Where to buy roses: Hoa Hau community, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province

10. Goat meat

Goats are naturally grazed in areas such as Phu Le, Thanh Liem, Kim Bang, Ha Nam province, Hanamu goat meat is crispy, sweet and nutritious. If you have a chance to visit Hanam, don’t forget to try some famous mountain goat meat dishes such as lemongrass goat, stir-fried goat, grilled goat.

Ha Nam

  • Enjoy your address: Goat Meat Restaurant Puri District, Than Liam, Kim Bang, .. Ha Nam Province

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10 types Special Hanam as a gift Although it is a famous place that I shared above. But I hope visitors can have useful experiences about places and delicious food before choosing to travel in Ha Nam. Enjoy your culinary experience.

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