PVP and PVE – The difference between the 2 game modes

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The concept of PVP and PVE are two familiar concepts in online games, these are information that any newcomer cannot ignore.

What is PVP?

Player Versus Player (PVP) is a kind of competition – multiplayer mode in an online game, regardless of whether the game is a PC game or a mobile game. PVP mode is a mode in which players compete against each other and not against computer-controlled opponents. The difference between PVP and PVE (Player Versus Enemy) is huge as the level of real players is much higher than their computer opponents.

What is PVE?

Difference between PVP and PVE
PVE is the opposite of PVP, the full name is Player Versus Environment. In this mode, the player is not disturbed by anyone and immerses himself in the game world through activities and tasks. Players level up, practice skills without worrying about being ambushed by strong players.

Compare PVP and PVE

Difference between PVP and PVE
These two modes have some differences as follows:

1. Objects

For example, World of Warcraft (WoW) game has both PVP and PVE modes, players can choose their favorite mode by server selection. When participating in PVP mode, opponents are other players while players can complete missions with other players to get rewards in PVE mode. In online play, PVE mode is arranged in the first levels, and then gradually switches to PVP mode as players get used to the skills and level up. In PVP mode, players experience the excitement of confronting other players. As far as PVE is concerned, players will be fairly gentle about transforming into a character to complete the task.

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2. Skills

To play well in both PVP and PVE modes, players must have good skills and control over the game. However, each mode requires players to have separate skills, specifically, PVP mode players must have skills to control the game and PVE mode players must be able to coordinate with other players. teammate.

3. Match Speed

The game in PVE mode has a rather slow game speed, players can experience it slowly. As for the PVP mode, players have more requirements, such as the ability to use features and calculate tactics to defeat opponents.

Some good PVP, PVE games

PVP game – Player vs. Player

1st League of Legends
Difference between PVP and PVE
Difference between PVP and PVE

PVE Match – Player vs. Environment

1. StampTem
Difference between PVP and PVE
2. destiny 2
Difference between PVP and PVE
3rd Age of Empire IV
Difference between PVP and PVE
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